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More info on REBIANA (TRUVIA)

This is from the link attached to the title of this post (it seems like it was written in some other language and auto-translated, poorly):
Do not upset this with pristine stevia, it is a multiple of chemicals with a dab of a stevia plant. Stevia itself is a sugarine base as good as nonetheless they have been regulating Erythritol that is a sugarine ethanol well well well known to means such things as bloating, disease as good as cramps. That tells we they have been not regulating many stevia. Nor have been they stealing a unwholesome aspartame from Diet Coke as good as Diet Pepsi. They have been simply perplexing to prove a partial of a race that knows how lethal aspartame is as good as wants to make make make make use of of of of something else.
Notice this sentence: “Stevia was not authorized as a food further by U.S. regulators, yet a U.S. Food as good as Drug Administration released letters to a companies upon Wednesday observant it had no objections to their sweeteners, that have been subsequent from a plant.” The FDA has done themselves clear. Industry can do anything they greatfully yet they have no goal of commendatory something protected for a ubiquitous public. They do not wish to insult a aspartame attention who is absolute as good as takes caring of those who urge their poison. Make certain we assimilate this is a multiple of sweeteners as good as chemicals as good as not genuine stevia. The cocktail companies feel “a dab will do you, so usually buy a product in any case of how a made”. The open again will be a guinea pigs as good as lab rats. Also, see a acknowledgment that Pepsi’s Purevia is being grown with Merisant, an aspartame manufacturer. Nobody should make make make make use of  these products until they have been analyzed. Industry is all a time adding tiny amounts of aspartame since a addictive. If they do this to these products aspartame victims will conflict since aspartame is so unwholesome it causes containing alkali hypersensitization.
Lab Tests Point to Problems with New Sweetener
Consumer organisation says product can enlarge cancer risk 
September 2, 2008
A consumer organisation says a code brand code brand code brand code brand new blurb sweetner, pronounced to be 200 times sweeter than sugar, competence means illness problems as good as needs some-more study. Coca-Cola as good as Pepsi have been formulation to deliver code brand code brand code brand code brand new drinks done with a sweetner, rebiana, an remove of stevia leaves.
In a minute to a Food as good as Drug Administration, a Center for Science in a Public Interest (CSPI) says a group should need one some-more tests, together with a pass animal study, prior to usurpation rebiana as Generally Regarded as Safe, or GRAS.
The minute cites a code brand code brand code brand code brand new 26-page inform by toxicologists during a University of California, Los Angeles, several, yet not all, laboratory tests uncover that a sugarine base causes mutations as good as DNA damage, that raises a awaiting that it causes cancer.
“A safe, natural, high-potency sugarine base would be a acquire further to a food supply,” pronounced CSPI senior manager executive Michael F. Jacobson. “But a FDA needs to be as certain as probable that rebiana is protected prior to permitting it in to dishes that would be used up by tens of millions of people. It would be comfortless if a sugarine base incited out to means cancer or alternative problems.”
One pass animal investigate has not been conducted, according to a UCLA experts as good as CSPI. The FDA’s discipline suggest contrast impending vital code brand code brand code brand code brand new food additives upon dual rodent species, customarily rats as good as mice. The code brand code brand code brand code brand new sugarine base has usually been tested upon rats, yet not mice.
The toxicologists’ inform pronounced that since multiform studies found mutations as good as DNA damage, a lifetime rodent investigate written to weigh a risk of carcinogenicity as good as alternative illness problems was quite important.
The UCLA toxicologists emphasized a need for some-more genotoxicity tests, since of a justification that derivatives of stevia that have been closely compared to rebiana repairs DNA as good as chromosomes.
Their inform remarkable that many of a code brand new investigate upon rebiana was sponsored by Cargill as good as urged a FDA to acquire exclusively conducted tests to safeguard that corporate biases do not change a design, conduct, or formula of a tests.
Rebiana is shorthand for rebaudioside A, a member of stevia. It is performed from a leaves of a plant local to Brazil as good as Paraguay. Coke, Pepsi, as good as alternative companies have been vehement about rebiana, since it presumably tastes improved than wanton stevia, that is sole as a dietary further in health-food stores.
After all the controversies regarding to saccharin, aspartame, as good as alternative synthetic sweeteners, a food attention expects many calorie-conscious consumers to energetically opt for this healthy sweetener.
Two companies — Cargill as good as Merisant — have told a FDA that rebiana should be deliberate GRAS, a difficulty since reduction inspection by a FDA than typical food additives. A third company, Wisdom Natural Brands, has spoken that a stevia-based sugarine base is GRAS as good as will marketplace it though giving justification to, or even notifying, a FDA. That association gave CSPI usually a heavily redacted inform rebuilt by scientists it hired to acknowledgement a stevia derivative, that is of different purity, is safe.
Stevia is authorised in dishes in Japan as good as multiform alternative countries, yet a United States, Canada, as good as a European Union club stevia in dishes since of comparison tests that referred to it competence meddle with reproduction. New tests sponsored by Cargill did not find such problems.
“I am not observant that rebiana is harmful, yet it should not be marketed until code brand code brand code brand code brand new studies settle that it is safe,” Jacobson said.
Cargill’s chronicle of rebiana is called Truvia as good as would be used by Coca-Cola. Pepsi’s chronicle is called PureVia as good as is constructed by Merisant’s Whole Earth Sweetener division. Merisant is many appropriate well well well known for selling a Equal code of aspartame.
CSPI has not questioned a reserve of dual synthetic sweeteners, sucralose (Splenda) as good as neotame, yet says that revealing justification indicates that saccharin, aspartame (Equal, NutraSweet), as good as acesulfame-K poise tiny risks of cancer.
“The total emanate of what gets GRAS standing needs to be reviewed by Congress,” Jacobson said. “It’s funny that companies can usually sinecure a couple of consultants to magnify their code brand code brand code brand code brand new mixture as good as pour out them to marketplace though any event for a FDA as good as a open to examination all a reserve evidence.”
Two of a many damaging mixture in a food supply have been deliberate GRAS: salt, that raises red blood vigour as good as causes thousands of nonessential heart attacks as good as strokes each year, as good as to some extent hydrogenated oil, that is a source of artery-clogging synthetic trans fat. CSPI has prolonged campaigned to get to some extent hydrogenated oil out of a food supply as good as to revoke salt to protected levels.
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Rebiana is a chemically mutated form of  stevia, it is NOT pristine stevia.

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