Saturday, September 23, 2006

Excitotoxins (MSG and Aspartame)

Blaylock states, "Diets high in excitotoxins can cause learning disabilities, nervous disorders, seizures and hormonal imbalances in children." At any age, MSG and aspartame may cause headaches, seizures and allergic reactions in those who are sensitive.

Biotin Deficiency

Eating the raw whites of eggs can cause a biotin deficiency. Signs of biotin deficiency are red around the eyes, mouth, and nose and brittle fingernails, thinning hair and or loss of color. Take biotin for a few weeks if you are deficient. Sally Fallon recommends eating raw yolks in smoothies. The best way to eat cooked eggs are over-easy or soft boiled. I have raw eggs in my egg-nog. This is fine just don't eat too many raw egg whites or save the whites and use in a cooking recipe. The whites are good for you they just need to be cooked. There is a long article on this at

Spiritual Direction

You should try to make it regular, generally no less than monthly and often weekly or biweekly. Although needs are varied, normally a well prepared session of spiritual direction need not last for more than half an hour. It is good to jot down concrete resolutions drawn from the normally few words of advice given. These resolutions should be brought to prayer and action and then spoken about if possible in the next meeting. Try never to leave your meeting without setting up the next appointment. Certainly the quality and quantity of your prayer and spiritual reading and sacramental life should always be touched on. Your struggle to live as a Christian in marriage and family, work, friendship, and social life should normally be addressed -- specifically. There should be an effort to address a very particular area of life which needs improvement, that defect or fault that keeps you from making more rapid progress towards holiness. With time your efforts to share your faith in a natural way with those around can also be a topic of discussion. These efforts may well result in God's grace in reconciliations, conversions, and vocations. And, oh yes, from time to time you may simply need to unburden yourself of unexpected joys and sorrows that come on your pilgrimage to the house of God, the Father. If you are seeing a priest for direction, you may also want to avail yourself of the Sacrament of Penance, adding the sacramental grace to the actual graces received from being open and docile in the conversation with your spiritual director.

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In England and Wales, a study was performed to review whether low intake of fiber and high intake of sugar and meat may influence the development of acute appendicitis. The study evaluated the dietary habits of 49,690 patients diagnosed with acute appendicitis. Although no specific correlation was found with sugar or meat, the analysis did suggest that the more fresh and frozen green vegetables and fresh and processed tomatoes people ate, the less likely they were to develop appendicitis. The researchers concluded that eating green vegetables—particularly cabbages, cauliflowers, peas, beans, and Brussels sprouts—and possibly tomatoes may protect against appendicitis.

Constipation should be avoided. Eating Veggies helps keep you regular.

Dangerous Antibiotic

The drug company is Sanofi-Aventis and the drug is telithromycin, better known by its brand name: Ketek.

Ketek is an antibiotic that treats bacterial infections associated with sinusitis, bronchitis and pneumonia. After the safety concerns and outright fraud described above, was it approved by the FDA? Of course it was! And now - two years after approval - some ugly chickens have come home to roost.

Here's the latest box score for Ketek adverse effects, according to a 6/29/06 Reuters report:
The FDA has received 12 reports of acute liver failure linked to Ketek
Four of those patients died
One patient required a liver transplant
The Times states that liver failure has occurred in 14 patients, and 23 others experienced serious liver injury. The Times also notes that Ketek may cause blurred vision and loss of consciousness. So it's no surprise really that SOMEONE at the FDA is up in arms about this drug.


A little more than 50 years ago, doctors in Europe and North America were using sunlight to treat potentially fatal diseases on a routine basis, and a number of hospitals were built specifically for sunlight treatment. In fact, sunlight not only increases your energy and general well being, but it can also help:

Lower your cholesterol
Treat multiple sclerosis and osteoporosis
Prevent and treat cancer
Lower your blood pressure
Increase the value of exercise
Improve your body's ability to detoxify

(From Mercola)

Monday, September 04, 2006

Got an Ant Problem? Use Aspartame

Ant Poison: For all the dire health problems associated with aspartame -- the worst of them being cancer -- the original "anything-but-sugar" substitute may have an ideal purpose to exist, not as a food additive, but as an ant poison

Already aware of aspartame's origins as a toxic chemical, a health-conscious consumer with an ant problem emptied one packet of aspartame in the corner of each of her bathrooms two years ago. The "sweet" solution worked brilliantly, as she's seen no signs of carpenter ants crawling around for the past year.

Aspartame may be just the thing for getting rid of fire ants (impervious to many poisons) too, although this solution takes a bit more effort. Initially, fire ants ignored their aspartame treat until a light rain moistened it. After the rain, however, the fire ants came back with a vengeance, taking the aspartame back to the mound by the hundreds. Within two days, any evidence that fire ants existed at all, save for an empty mound, vanished.

No mystery aspartame works like a pesticide, as the asparctic acid contained in this toxic product is a well-documented excitotoxin that causes specific brain cells to become excessively excited to the point they quickly die, just as both kinds of ants did.

Makes you wonder if aspartame is a far safer, better alternative to getting rid of lawn and home pests than the average toxic pesticides found at your neighborhood hardware store ...

If you ever wanted a painless way to find out all the dangers of aspartame you will certainly want to view Sweet Misery. If you are a natural health care practitioner you might want to consider showing this in your reception area.

Idaho Observer June 2006 (I copied and pasted this from