Monday, June 12, 2006


By St. Peter Julian Eymard, The Real Presence

What are the proofs of a genuine love? There is only one, its sacrifices: the sacrifices it prompts us to do and those it accepts with joy.
Love without sacrifice is but an empty name, a self-love in disguise.


By St Claude

Occupy yourself with Him whom you love and bother very little about yourself.
The mere sense of the presence of God is an excellent prayer.
Go to God simply, with great confidence that His goodness will guide you.
Love and do what you will.

On Mortification

From The 12 Steps to Holiness by St. Alphonsus Liguori
'Except they do penance for their deeds' says Holy Scripture, 'they shall be in very great tribulation.'
'Souls that truly love God,' says St. Teresa, 'have no desire for bodily rest and indulgence.' mortification may we attain great glory in Heaven.
Our present tribulations are momentary and light, but they 'work for us above measure exceedingly an eternal weight of glory.'
If you, Christian soul, desire to become holy and enjoy uninterrupted peace, strive as often as you can to mortify your will. Do nothing for your own satisfaction, but everything to please God.

Reprove with Meekness

From The 12 Steps to Holiness by St. Alphonsus Liguori

To correct emphatically is one thing; to reprove harshly is another.
But we must guard against using a angry tone which betrays an absence of self-control; this often does more harm than good.
Let meekness and gentleness predominate.
Meekness accomplishes far more than anger and bitterness.
You must endeavor to be mild and amiable to everyone, under all circumstances and at all times.
If we must answer one who offends us, let us do so with meekness. A mild answer breaketh wrath, says Holy Scripture.(Prov. 15:1)

Sunday, June 11, 2006

factory farm milk as "organic"


May 22, 2006

Organic Cattle Should Be Pasture Fed- Not Raised in Intensive Feedlots

Two of the largest organic dairy companies in the nation, Horizon Organic (a subsidiary of Dean Foods), a supplier to Wal-Mart and many health food stores; and Aurora Organic, a supplier of private brand name organic milk to Costco, Safeway, Giant, Wild Oats and others, are purchasing the majority of their milk from feedlot dairies where the cows have little or no access to pasture. Together, these corporations control up to 65% of the organic dairy market. A routine practice on these giant dairy feedlots, many with thousands of cows, is to continuously import calves from conventional farms, where animals have been weaned on blood, fed slaughterhouse waste and genetically engineered grains, and injected or dosed with antibiotics. Certifiers endorsing these factory farm organic products include QAI and the Colorado state department of agriculture.

Here's How Organic Consumers Can Help Put a Stop to This

The USDA has posted revisions to the National Organic Program and is seeking public comment until June 12, 2006. A portion of the revisions relate to the issue of dairy produced on factory farms being labeled as "organic." The National Organic Standards Board, which is made up of representatives of the organics industry, has proposed that organic dairy cows be required to spend at least 120 days each year on grass and that at least 30 percent of the cows' feed must come from pasture during the grazing season.

For many organic dairy farmers, having grazing standards that can be enforced are essential to protect the industry from the large corporate players in the West with large herds that offer their cows only token access to grass. The organic dairy farmers warn that by leveraging economy of scale, these large dairies can lowball prices, thus putting the livelihood of the smaller family dairies along with the more modest-sized companies and cooperatives that market their milk at risk.

Please send a message to the National Organic Program of the USDA to stop the labeling of ." To do so, please click on the following link:

Food Sources of Vitamin E

Virgin (Red) Palm Oil
unrefined veg. oil (olive, etc)
Butter (organic, raw if possible)
organ meats (liver and such)
grains (whole organic)
nuts (almonds, etc)
seeds (pumpkin, sesame, etc)
cold pressed unrefined nut and seed oils
dark green leafy vegetables
one list also included the following fruits: apple, apricot, nectarine, peaches and fish and fish oil.

GM (Genetically Modified) News


A widely cultivated variety of genetically engineered corn may be slowly poisoning American consumers. Dupont's Pioneer Liberty Link corn was bioengineered to withstand high levels of the toxic herbicide glufosinate. Enzymes in the plant actually break down the herbicide, making it less toxic to the plant, thereby allowing farmers to apply higher levels of herbicides to the plant and surrounding weeds. Scientists are now finding that enzymes in the human gut are likely "reactivating" the herbicide within our bodies. A recent study on rats found that 10% of the chemicals were reconverted back to the toxic herbicide within the digestive tract of the animal. Another study on goats found a full 30% of the herbicide was rebuilt in the gut. Glufosinate is known to cause nerve damage and is a likely endocrine disruptor. Scientists are also concerned that by reactivating the toxic chemical in the digestive tract, it is likely killing off beneficial bacteria necessary for healthy digestion.
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In India's Warangal district of Andhra Pradesh, government officials have ordered an investigation into the deaths of hundreds of sheep and goats who appear to have been poisoned by eating genetically engineered (GE) cotton. "They just became very dull and lifeless and died," said one shepherd, Pendala Venkatamma. Sheep and goats regularly graze on traditional cotton, but after 4-5 days of eating Monsanto's genetically engineered bT cotton, the animals'stomachs swelled, and they died. Although Monsanto denies its cotton could have this effect, government officials have launched a scientific investigation. "We have immediately alerted the animal husbandry department to give us the details of villages where this has happened and... their findings regarding this" said Poonam Malakondaiah, Agriculture Commissioner.

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