Monday, October 13, 2008

If you have psoriasis...

Here are some ideas from HSI:

[psoriasis is not a fungus as far as I know, but here are comments left at HSI]

Both psoriasis and seborrhea are fungal afflictions fed by faulty nutrition. Many have eliminated either condition by eating two eggs every day. Results are seen in under thirty days. Temporary topical treatment consists of 1% hydrocortisone cream (with aloe vera is best) twice a day."

"Get a small bottle of oil of oregano. Mix a few drops into your shampoo. It will kill the fungus within a few days. These symptoms are also the same for the onset of type 2 Diabetes...itchy skin that flakes, even in moustache or eyebrows."

Steve: "For psoriasis and eczema you can use Olive leaf extract internally. You can also do colon and liver cleanses which can help clear many diseases and skin conditions. I think Eastpark Research is the best brand, it is antiviral, antifungal, antibacterial, antiparasitic and your condition could be related to any one of these or all. You can use Eastparks topical cream as well. I have also seen excellent results applying colloidal silver spray topically. Sovereign Silver is an excellent brand but others will work as well. The key with colloidal silver is that if it is wet it is working, if it's dry reapply. Wet gauze with colloidal is a good way to apply if the rash is localized."

Mary Heckler: "I had a friend who had psoriasis really bad. She started going to the beach everyday and swimming in the salt water... her psoriasis started clearing up a lot."

Let's do the math: If milk thistle supports liver health, and if poor liver function is one of the triggers that sets off psoriasis, then…I'll let this message from an HSI member named Angus complete the equation. "I tried the usual psoriasis remedies from the MDs and had no success. Three months ago I started getting psoriasis on my legs, up until then it had remained on my scalp. Something in the back of my mind (I read all your emails and monthly newsletters) said to me that when the liver can't clean the blood properly the results can show up on the skin. So I got out a bottle of liquid milk thistle and started taking two tablespoons a day. One in the morning and one in the late evening. The result is – drum roll please – the psoriasis on my legs has cleared up and gone away, and my scalp is almost completely cleared up (this has been confirmed by my barber). I expect within a couple of months I will be psoriasis free for the first time in about 15 years.


Anonymous said...

I believe I have psoriasis (itchy, red scalp plus a lot of hair loss as well as texture change) and have had it for a couple of years now. When coming across your website I read some helpful info that I am going to try. I currently just started the liquid milk thistle and ordered the East Park products. I'm hoping this will work. Might also try the sea salt. Thanks for your blog.

Andrea said...

Psoriasis is not a fungus.

Matt said...

Agreed with Andrea. Psoriasis is not a fungus. It is an auto-immune disease of which I now suffer from. I'm 24 years old and was involved in a semi-serious motorbike accident that damaged the skin on my legs pretty badly. Shortly thereafter, I begin to see the first signs of red patches begin to appear. The severe damage to my skin was the trigger for my body to begin overproducing skin cells. In fact, psoriasis can be more likened to a cancer than anything. As far as treatment goes, the best solution I have found is indeed to go to the beach, but not for the saltwater; instead, for the sun. Regular sunlight is one of the most effective ways to control psoriasis, past that Vitamin D supplements help. In addition, I take 3 Tbsp. of orgain, cold-pressed flaxseed oil a day (high in omega 3) and have altered my diet to exclude inflammatory foods, such as dairy, nightshades, sugars, etc. All of these solutions I have found thru my own research and they have proven to be effective with the added bonus that they do not come with any other side effects, such as no immune system, the risk of cancer, infection, or death like most of the medicinal treatments that I was prescribed at the doctor. All to say, psoriasis is not a fungus.