Monday, October 13, 2008


Some info on alternative cancer care: has a lot of different information. (I found out about this site from a man from church. He has stage 4 cancer, please pray for him.) I also like, and Other sites with good eating info are and 
Some different things I heard that other people have done to cure themselves from cancer is: drink Young Living's NingXia Red, drink a cup of fresh juiced veggies at least 5 times a day, eat only raw food, cut out all garbage from the diet (eat things as closely to the way God made them, no: MSG, aspartame, spenda, HFCS, white flour, refined anything, fluoride, chlorine, pasteurized anything, preservatives, pesticides, margarine, vegetable oils, sugar etc.) this means eat organic and buy your eggs, milk and meat and poultry from a farm you know raises these things correctly. Good bone broth. Coffee enemas described at Gerson and CureZone. Eliminate toxins from the house: plastic, any new carpeting and furniture (it out-gasses higher amounts of formaldehyde) chemical cleaners and products. Do cleanses of parasites, colon, bladder, liver and heavy metals. Sleep and good water and relax and pray and trust. God's most holy will be done. Research and do things specific to your type of cancer. Garlic, habanero peppers, cod liver oil. Increase vitamin D, A, B12 and K2, get a lot of sunshine. Most (if not all) people who get cancer are deficient in vitamin D, this is very important. Do not put anything on your skin or in your mouth that you wouldn't eat. Detoxify. Clean out electromagnetic pollution. As always this is not to be construed as medical advice. These I things I have heard helped other people in various combinations. I am not a doctor. You have to take your health into your hands. See a doctor if you can find a good one that will work with you. Use essential oils (ones that don't use solvents to extract oils). 

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