Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Foot patches for detoxing

from vital votes on mercol.com
first post by kansasherbalist:
As a natural health practitioner I have used a certain kind of foot patch with success. I have also used foot baths with success. (I do not have a foot bath machine...I send clients to get them.) I have been practicing for 25 years or more. Several caveats here: Nothing works for all people all the time. Some things do not work ever due to poor quality of ingredients, methodologies, equipment etc. However, high quality foot patches and foot baths done appropriately by the right people with the right equipment at the right time are very effective. I never assume that anything will work for a person or not work. I use muscle testing and try to avoid bias.The "lab tests" could easily be inconclusive because a) the patches were genuinely worthless b) the person who used it did not need it, at least at that time c) the lab does not test for all possible results d) the person did not use it correctly for them i.e. know which foot to place it on or elsewhere on the body.

Natural health practices, supplements, are subject to being fraudulent just as in mainstream practice. Dr. Mercola needs to consider the above paragraph before being too hasty in judgment, however. Just because the FDA or some lab "disqualifies" a product or therapy may not make it so. The reverse is also true: Just because a lab endorses something does not mean it is always effective for everyone either. I have yet to find one product or therapy that everyone needs all the time.

You cannot put people, their health or lack thereof, in a box. Each person is an individual and requires individualized therapies. I do not recommend foot baths or patches to everyone...in fact, to only a few and with very specific instructions for them when I do recommend them. There are many, many possibilities for therapies, many of which cost very little or nothing.

second post by 2fit4u:
I work very closely with several companies who have had tremendous results with reversing terminal illnesses. I have several clients who have not only beat the odds their medical doctors gave them...but are experiencing life and life abundantly after their treatments. Myself included. I had adrenal tumors and breast cancer and I worked with organizations like spicemedint.com and Lectro Chi Premier Energy Foot Spas and of course structured water...oral chelation and proper lifestyle management (eating right, exercising, massage, chiropractic, EFT, etc)! I am not only cancer free, I have already outlived the "time frame" my doctors gave me. I am a fitness and lifestyle instructor and trainer...living life to the fullest. I have used most of the major reputable companies with ionic cleansing and the Lectro Chi is by far the best. In regards to the foot patches, I have some clients who have gone on camping trips and needed to continue their "foot bath treatments" and took the patches...I agree that some are better than others...but if you are in the backwoods and are not up to date with the latest techno tools...using the patches to balance and stimulate the body's energy zones...meridians, even a foot soak in an epsom salt foot soak is beneficial...or a foot massage...proper fitting shoes. Research your products...try them for yourself...and make quality decisions. Don't take just anyone's word for it...try it!!!!

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