Friday, February 03, 2006


'[Eggs] are an inexpensive nutrition powerhouse containing high quality protein, 13 essential vitamins and minerals including folate, vitamin B-12, vitamin D, and nutritive compounds - all within a 70-calorie package'
Ten eggs a day would make your arteries cleaner and sharpen your memory too. (NOTE: Be sure to include those yummy yellow yolks, because that's where all the goodness is!) And eggs are just the first in a long list of 'forbidden foods' that you can and should start enjoying again... Egg-eaters have a much lower rate of heart attacks and strokes than egg-avoiders. Much preferred are egggs from pastured raised chickens, they have the proper omega 3 to omega 6 ratio of 1-1. Conventionally raised eggs have 1-19. Although pasture raised chickens are superior, eating conventionally raised eggs is still better for you than not eating eggs.
Most of this was taken from ...?

How to Iron a Shirt

Iron the collar and cuffs first then the sleeves. Next start at the buttons or buttons holes and go around till you get to the other side. finally touch up the shoulders.

Kidney-Bladder Flush

Here is an easy kidney-bladder flush recipe. I don't remember if it's the best one or not, but it can only help. In a glass quart jar put the juice of one lemon and one lime or 2 T of fresh lemon juice per 10oz of water some cayenne pepper (1/10 t.) and some organic 100% maple syrup to taste(2 T). Then add pure water (I use R/O water, spring is good too) to fill the jar and shake and drink all at once or throughout the day. Acctually, this is a well known "Master Cleanse" done for 10-40 days. this is basically all you consume (at least 60 oz a day) with the exception of a quart of lukewarm water with two level teaspoons of celtic seasalt in the morning.