This quote is from an excellent mock commencement address to an ivy league school by , from: here.

"But worse than the damage that has been done to you is the damage you are prepared to inflict on society, because great care has been taken to see that you continue to view violence against unborn children as the expression of a fundamental right, and you have been successfully trained to view marriage (which exists in reality only between a man and a woman) as an intolerable and insufferable discrimination.  So you are about to go out into society thinking that you are doing good while you do everything in your power, in those domains closest to you, to tear down human dignity and the dignity of spousal love and the family — no doubt remaining fully convinced that you are a great champion of human rights and that you love humanity.
If I were Socrates I might speak even more bluntly and say: Refute me if you can: You are not merely hobbled for happiness as regards all the ordinary means of happiness, but, worse than that, because you are about to work in ignorance to promote injustice and to tear down that which is necessary for society, you are miserable–I say–and have been made even more miserable by this institution that is now graduating you."