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Splenda's Sour Side Effects

Splenda's Sour Side Effects

* Shrunken thymus glands (up to 40 percent shrinkage)
* Enlarged liver and kidneys
* Atrophy of lymph follicles in the spleen and thymus
* Reduced growth rate
* Decreased red blood cell count
* Diarrhea
Please read the article below if you or someone you know eats splenda.

Tylenol Most Common Cause of Liver Failure

From Mercola's blog:
TylenolAcetaminophen poisoning is now the most common cause of acute liver failure in the United States. Attempted suicides account for many cases, but almost half are the result of unintentional overdose.

Some 36 percent of Americans take acetaminophen at least once a month, making it the most widely used pain reliever in the United States. Taking more than the recommended dose, however, can lead to fatal liver injury.

And those who had unintentionally taken overdoses usually have even worse outcomes than those who has done so intentionally, since unintentional overdoses are usually not recognized as such immediately.

Researchers examined the case histories of almost 700 liver-failure patients over a six-year period. They found that:

* Cases of acute liver failure blamed on acetaminophen use rose sharply from 28 percent in 1998 to 51 percent five years later.
* More patients overdosed unintentionally on acetaminophen (48 percent) than did so intentionally (44 percent)
* Sixty-three percent who accidentally overdosed used a prescription acetaminophen compound while 38 percent had been taking two acetaminophen meds at the same time.
* Some patients had been taking less than 4 grams of acetaminophen daily before their livers failed.

The data suggests that consistent use of as little as 7.5 grams of acetaminophen a day may be hazardous. Rather than resulting in chronic illness, acetaminophen injury has a threshold of safety that, when exceeded, can have immediate and devastating results.

What Tylenol Does To Our Environment

Even an over-the-counter drug like acetaminophen -- the most widely used pain reliever in America -- can become toxic when combined with chlorine, according to a study by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

When acetaminophen is combined with chlorine during the disinfection process, it forms a minimum of 11 new products, two of which are toxic. Makes sense, considering acetaminophen is one of the more widely detected man-made chemicals in the environment, according to a study of 139 streams by the U.S. Geological Survey.

All the more reason to ensure the water you're drinking is clean and pass up acetaminophen for safer, healthier options.

Olestra in "Light" Chips

From Mercola's blog:

You may remember an article I wrote a little over a year ago warning against the dangers of olestra and Frito Lay's blatant deception in changing their "Wow" chips to "Light" chips. Now a consumer group is demanding they put warning labels on chips with the dangerous fat substitute.

The group is speaking out after a Massachusetts woman's lawsuit and over 20,000 consumer complaints. After eating the fake fat, she experienced stomach cramps and bathroom ugency. Olestra can also cause:

* Decreased absorption and blood levels of fat soluble nutrients
* Significant gastrointestinal (GI) symptoms, including diarrhea, loose stools and more severe GI effects
* Increased risk of dehydration due to greater water loss through diarrhea

Frito-Lay, however, still claims warning labels aren't needed, one spokesman even referred to them as "extremely safe and well tested." Outrageous! And unfortunately, just one of many fake health foods confusing consumers.

Soy Update

From Mercola's blog:
A recent study indicated that mice carrying a genetic mutation linked to altered heart growth and function in humans had markedly worsened heart problems when fed a soy diet as opposed to a soy-free (milk protein-based) diet.

The harmful effects of a soy-diet have been attributed to the presence of phytoestrogens, plant-derived estrogen-like compounds that interact with the estrogen receptor. The research revealed substantial growth (hypertrophy) of the heart of male mice fed a soy-based diet.

I have long stressed the ultra-damaging effects of soy. It is not a health food, an answer to world hunger, a disease-preventative or even safe. It is an agent that causes:

* Malnutrition
* Digestive distress
* Immune-system breakdown
* Thyroid dysfunction
* Cognitive decline
* Reproductive disorders
* Infertility
* Cancer
* Heart disease

Discernment of Spirits

First find out what the Church teaches regarding it. If there is still ambiguity consider the following:

1. The devil never impels to virtue; nature usually inclines to the convenient and easy.
2. Does this thing I want to do conform to my state in life?
3. The devil agitates and fills with restlessness; God gives peace to the heart.
4. Humble obedience to our superiors.
5. What does my Spiritual Director say about this?

These were from a hand-out at a day of recollection. These are some things to consider when making a decision. Always pray when making a decision. If it is a small decision say a 'Hail Mary' if it is a life altering decision you may need to make a retreat to hear God's will for you and say many Rosaries.
The following link is to a chapter on discernment of spirits in Fr. Hardon's book on the Spiritual Exercises. It is much more detailed.

A Great Source of Calcium

Unhulled sesame seeds are incredibly rich in calcium and are one of the highest sources of bio-available calcium. They are also a rich source of minerals and are packed with vitamin E, which strengthens the vascular and nervous system. They are also very alkalizing. They are good to throw into smoothies. They probably should be soaked first, over night or for at least seven hours. If you do it too long they get bitter.

A very easy snack recipe is to grind sesame seeds (when dry) in a coffee grinder till you hear the motor slow down, it will be just about a paste consistancy. Mix with raw honey, organic coconut oil and cinnamon. Roll it into little balls, keep in the refrigerator or freezer (if you won't eat them in a day or two). The hulled sesame seeds (whiter) aren't quite as strong in flavor or as high in calcium, but are still very high in minerals and you may prefer the taste. I just made a batch with unhulled organic seeds it tasted very good. The honey and cinnamon are key.

This info and recipe were mainly from Rejuvenate Your Life Recipes for Energy by Serene Allison.

Monday, January 02, 2006

10 Year Old Girl Saves Lives

The Sun - UK; 01-02-2005,

PHUKET, Thailand - Quick-thinking 10-year-old Tilly Smith is being hailed as a hero after saving her parents and dozens of fellow vacationers from the deadly tsunami - thanks to a school geography lesson.

Tilly warned the doubting adults at a resort that a massive tidal wave was about to strike - just minutes before the deadly tide rushed in and turned the resort into rubble.

Tilly's family, from Surrey, England, was enjoying a day at Maikhao Beach last Sunday when the sea rushed out and began to bubble.

The adults were curious, but Tilly froze in horror. "Mummy, we must get off the beach now!" she told her mother."I think there's going to be a tsunami."
The adults didn't understand until Tilly added the magic words: "A tidal wave."

Her warning spread like wildfire. Within seconds, the beach was deserted - and it turned out to be one of the only places along the shores of Phuket where no one was killed or seriously injured.

Last night, Tilly was being hailed as a savior.

"I think it's phenomenal that Tilly's parents and the others on the beach are alive because she studied hard at school," said Craig Smith , the American manager of the JW Marriott Hotel where Tilly's family was staying.
He said a tsunami is not like you see in the movies, where a huge wave wells up on the horizon and can be seen for miles off shore. It is more like a sudden surge of water," he said. "There's very little warning. She's a hero."

Tilly shrugged off the attention and modestly said, "Last term, my geography teacher, Mr. Kearney, taught us about earthquakes and how they can cause tsunamis. "I was on the beach, and the water started to go funny. I recognized what was happening and had a feeling there was going to be a tsunami."

"When the water went back, I was like most people on the beach. I wanted to walk down and look at what was going on," she recalled. "It was only when Tilly explained what she thought was going to happen that I had second thoughts.

"We ran off the beach as fast as we could and went to the first floor of the hotel where it would be safe. Minutes later the water surged right over the beach and demolished everything in its path.

"It was terrifying to watch but I'm very proud of her."

The Sun

Happy New Year

A great New Year's resolution to help you have a happy New Year is to go to daily Mass. What better way to love our dear Lord than to assist at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and receive His Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity? Satan does not want you to go to Mass. He will try every means to get you to not go. He will even use seemingly good excuses to get you to not go, and if you should go he will try to distract you while there. If you are aware of this and ask the Blessed Mother to help you to get to Mass and protect you while there you will avoid many pitfalls and be able to overcome Satan's ploys. If we who believe don't attend, who will? Now, many people with young children don't even try; this is a mistake. There are times when it is prudent not to go, although these instances should be rare. If your children know that you want to go everyday and you try to go everyday and they see you making the effort to go everyday, they get a real good idea of the importance of Holy Mass. You will find that this is the best way to start the day, but more importantly it is the best way to show your love for God when you are able. Sometimes it is impossible to go: the car has broken down and you have no one to pick you up or there is no daily Mass in your area; or charity prevents you from going: your child is sick and you must attend to him, etc. If you can't make it to Mass for some really good reason try to have an in-home prayer time with the children where you read the readings for the day and do a Spiritual Communion with them. The graces you receive when you are truly unable to go can be just as great as when you can go. For those who work: do all you can to find a Mass time that will allow you to go, even to the point of asking your pastor to add a Mass, or possibly consider switching jobs or changing your work hours if possible. Remember to have 'the love of God' be your motive for going each and everytime. God bless your New Year.