Friday, January 06, 2006

A Great Source of Calcium

Unhulled sesame seeds are incredibly rich in calcium and are one of the highest sources of bio-available calcium. They are also a rich source of minerals and are packed with vitamin E, which strengthens the vascular and nervous system. They are also very alkalizing. They are good to throw into smoothies. They probably should be soaked first, over night or for at least seven hours. If you do it too long they get bitter.

A very easy snack recipe is to grind sesame seeds (when dry) in a coffee grinder till you hear the motor slow down, it will be just about a paste consistancy. Mix with raw honey, organic coconut oil and cinnamon. Roll it into little balls, keep in the refrigerator or freezer (if you won't eat them in a day or two). The hulled sesame seeds (whiter) aren't quite as strong in flavor or as high in calcium, but are still very high in minerals and you may prefer the taste. I just made a batch with unhulled organic seeds it tasted very good. The honey and cinnamon are key.

This info and recipe were mainly from Rejuvenate Your Life Recipes for Energy by Serene Allison.


Tommy said...

Is that the recipe we use when we go on every trip? If so, they are very good. I love you mom.

etr said...

No, It's not. I should post that one because that one tastes really good. This one tastes good relatively speaking. Knowing it's super good for you makes you like more.