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Bad Breath

All this is from Mercola and his vital votes: It can be caused by several factors, including systemic diseases, gastrointestinal and/or upper respiratory tract disorders, and microbial metabolism from your tongue, saliva or dental plaque.
Certain bacteria residing on your teeth or tongue surface, or in periodontal pockets are particularly odor-inducing, as are bacterial species associated with gingivitis.
Mouthwashes are only effective against bad breath caused by intraoral factors. Gargling and swishing can't help you much if your problem stems from an imbalance of bacteria in your intestinal tract, for example.
Treating Bad Breath from the Inside Out
Maintaining a healthy digestive system is far more important than most people can imagine. An imbalance between healthy and unhealthy bacteria here can lead to a wide variety of health problems; foul breath and body odor being some of the least problematic.
However, if you suffer from either, I'd highly recommend limiting the primary fertilizer for the bacteria that cause bad breath and that is, you guessed it: SUGAR, and grains that rapidly break down to sugar. When you eat these highly processed foods they cause bad odor-causing bacteria to grow out of control.
Once you have cut down the fuel that causes them to grow you can then replenish the good bacteria by taking probiotics to re-establish proper balance and health to your digestive system. By keeping your digestive system healthy, combined with an all-natural essential oil mouth rinse, bad breath should be a thing of the past.
(The smell of rot is what we are talking about. That unmistakable smell of putrefaction associated with rotten eggs, decomposing abscesses, periodontal diseases, sinus and lung infections, rotting undigested fecal matter, or spoiled fish. Putrefaction is the rotten egg smell of scavenging bacteria digesting and decomposing structural sulfur-bonds in proteins. An inflammatory crisis has occurred. Significant numbers of immune cells are dying.........
Sometimes the source of odor is a thick coating on top of the tongue. Sugar disables protein-digesting enzymes produced by the pancreas and puts our patrols of cleansing gobbler white blood cells to sleep.........
When one has bad breath or smelly tongue or gums, the brain is frying and thought processing is fuzzy. Bad breath is immune and metabolic crisis.......
Support your health of your mouth and body with the proper diet for your metabolic type and supplement with whole food supplements.)"--vital votes

"A 1995 study by Nicole Didry at the College of Pharmaceutical and Biological Sciences in Lille, France, found that thyme oil at very small concentrations (<500 ppm) killed the pathogenic organisms responsible for tooth decay, gingivitis, and bad breath, and a six-month, double-blind controlled clinical study at the University of Maryland similarly found that the essential oils of thyme, peppermint, wintergreen, and eucalyptus dramatically improved oral hygiene. "

"The essential oils most commonly used for mouthwashes and herbal rinses include:
(I use the most divine mouthwash which is great for a pick up after brushing or as needed. It is certified organic and has the following ingredients: aloe vera, spearmint essential oil, peppermint essential oil, sea salt, cinnamon, clove essential oil, nyrrh essential oil, sage extract and thyme extract.)"--vital votes

(Swishing around hyrdogen peroxide before I brush my teeth helps take my bad breath away.
I also take the Standard Proccess protocol for halitosis [bad breath]. It also seems to be working, which is the good thing!)--vital votes

(Instead of using artificial mouthwash, try this: chew cinnamon, or cardamom, if brave, cloves. Brush your teeth by sea salt.)

(For the past several months we have been cleaning our teeth with a paste made of approx. 2 parts baking soda (1-1/2 cups), to 1 part coconut oil (3/4 cup), 1/2 part olive oil (about 1/3 cup) and about 1+ tsp essential oil - peppermint and/or spearmint - I prefer peppermint. I adjust all ingredients, it's never exact. Store in small baby food jars - when it's very warm you have to stir this up sometimes. I love this recipe because my mouth always feels clean, placque is history, no more sensitive teeth, and our toothbrushes and sinks never have all that gunk buildup. I even notice a difference in my mouth when I wake up in the morning. After reading this article I can see why it works, and I will add a little thyme essential oil and perhaps some eucalyptus.)

(We've used a special formula I came up with in my house for a while now. I take a pint mason jar as my start and fill it 1/3 of the way up with raw apple cider vinegar. The rest is clean filtered water. I decant that into blue, green, or amber bottles with corks or lids so light can't penetrate. To each bottle, I add anywhere from 5-10 drops each of usually two essential oils. I like to experiment with the flavors, but you can use lemon, tea tree (great if you have gum disease), tangerine, rosemary, peppermint, spearmint, lavender, myrrh, lime, bergamot. All of these have some anti-microbial type protection in one form or another. You don't have to mix them, but we like lemon-peppermint and lavender-peppermint a lot here. I also like to switch off different oils each time I make it so the bacteria doesn't build a resistance to whatever oil we're using.)

[See post on Teeth and Gum Health for other tips. Also if you have Candida (yeast) you should get rid of it as it can cause bad breath. See post relating to that.]

Nature's Natural Chemotherapy (Two ways)

As always, this is not to be construed as medical advise. See your doctor if you are so inclined. You do what you want. It's your life and your health

1. From vital votes:
"An old fellow now has 3 patents on his discovery that Chocolate and lots of veggies and weeds contain Oxalic acid, which He believes when is in VERY small amounts found in all mammals blood, could be part of mother nature's natural chemotherapy.
He suggests no alcohol except 1 glass of red wine, also avoid dairy and any product that contains citric acid added to it because it destroys all the oxalic acid in your system. Any source of Free calcium is dangerous to upsetting oxalate levels in the blood. If one takes calcium, it is best to have some chocolate or tea some hours later to restore it. B-6 will also destroy all of it.
He discovered this by accident by eliminating all oxalic acid from his diet and promptly got a cancerous melanoma on his (unexposed to direct sunlight) inner leg.
He went back to eating weeds, veggies and foods high in oxalic acid and the tumor went away. He is in his 80s when this happened, and he is now in his mid 90s. is his site and he has a book out which has some more dietary info. "Hart Dietary plan"
I absorb one small square of 73% dark chocolate from Trader Joe's every day by putting it between my gums and teeth for absorbing into the many blood vessels in the gums. It takes a long time to dissolve,, Yumm!
Or I take a small cup of green tea with 3 bags and sip and hold the tea in my mouth as long as I can stand it, then spit out and sip another sip.
Too much oxalate in the blood can kill. Don't go down to the chemist and take a bunch of it direct, it will shut down Your kidneys and you will be gone. When eating veggies or strong green tea or too much chocolate a backache around the kidney area may be a sign that Your levels are getting high. Joe suggests 50 mg of B-6 to lower levels.
A friend who was air sampling in the B-29 over Trinity atomic test got a rare blood cancer in 2005, eats some 73% choc. every day. His strength came back and he can walk now. Beats living of of transfusions. "

"I believe they are called 'cacao nibs' when they are raw, crushed beans. "

[A yummy recipe I made up (you have to have a vita-mix) is a few tablespoons of cocoa nibs, a quarter to half cup of cream, a little vanilla, several dates (for sweetener and their good qualities), ice, optional: walnuts and raw egg yolks. My kids think of this as a healthy cookies and cream shake as it had the appearance and texture of it. (And a much better taste, my personal opinion)]

2. Another person cured his cancer with:

"How I cured my stage 4 cancer:
(1) Grate one habeneros pepper each day, putting it on bread [a possible substitution is fresh grated ginger]
(2) Grate two cloves of garlic each day, putting them on bread
(3) 1-2 Tablespoons of Emulsified cod liver oil each day.*

(4)Smother the grated garlic and habeneros peppers with real butter and eat it. No margarines of any type, etc.

The potent active ingredients from the peppers and the garlic disperse quickly. So they must be grated each day, and eaten immediately. You're probably thinking, whoa that's gotta be hot
Yes, it is. And it will make you breathe deeply! That's a good thing, because heavy breathing pumps the lymph system. As you know, cancer cells often gather there. What I did was put the habeneros and the garlic on one side of the bread and folded it over. Plus, it's handy to have another half slice at the ready to cut the burning sensation in my mouth. So let yourself breathe deeply for a minute or two and then eat the extra half slice of bread."

EMF (Electro Magnetic Field) Pollution (Two Views)

From various people posting on Mecola's vital votes:

"I just posted on the recent cell phone-brain tumor epidemic article where I shared my clinical findings about wireless EMF combined with underlying heavy metal toxicity in the body or what I like to call 'The Antenna Effect' (currently working on a book about this). I strongly feel that those with EHS (highly sensitive to EMF) ALL have significant levels of heavy metals in their body acting like an antenna source drawing in the EMF around them and that combo is what makes them very sick. This is what I find in my clinical practice. Here is part of my post from the previous cell phone-brain tumor article as it seems to fit: This is a tradegy waiting to happen of course but my view is slightly different. A great deal of my work is focused on heavy metal and chemical toxicity as it relates to illness and dis-ease in the body. My clinical findings suggest that those with the highest level of metals in their body have the most difficulty with EMF (their cell, pda, microwave oven at home, and even the electronics in their car can occasionally cause rather bizarre symptoms in these patients but not always as most of the time people are completely unaware that they have metals as this truely is a silent epidemic). The metals in your body simply acts like an antenna drawing in EMF. That is why it is my mission to educate everyone to get screened for metal and chemical toxicity and God willing our healthcare system will catch on to environmental causes. It is a tradegy that we all have to tolerate the increase in unavoidable EMF from wireless emissions among other sources. The jury is out as far as what effects the radiation alone will do to our delicate brains but eliminating 'The Antenna Effect' by cleaning the metals out of the brain and nerve tissue may very well be one of the best forms of prevention within our control."

"The Health Effects of Electrical Pollution" published by the National Foundation for Alternative Medicine.

"New Cell Phone Study Says Hang Up & Use a Land Line:

By the Inkslinger - April 30, 2008

"The new study, Mobile Phones and Brain Tumors – A Public Health Concern, was conducted by noted Australian brain surgeon Dr. Vini Gautam Khurana. Dr. Khurana analyzed more than 100 separate studies, both pro and con, on the potential health effects of cellular phone usage and concluded that the electromagnetic radiation (EMR) emitted by cell phones will likely lead to an epidemic of brain cancers within the next decade.
Among the points the new research phones home:

• There is a "significant and increasing body of evidence" that demonstrates a link between "excessive and/or prolonged" cell phone usage and certain brain tumors.

• This link should be taken seriously and no longer regarded as a myth.

• The time between the start of regular cell phone usage and the diagnosis of a brain tumor in susceptible individuals can be anywhere from 10 to 20 years. Thus, a statistically significant spike in brain cancer rates should be seen sometime in the next four years (assuming the mid-90s marks the moment cell phone adoption became widespread).

• Enough evidence currently exists to compel government and the cell phone industry to take immediate action to alert consumers to the hazards posed by cell phone EMR.

• This evidence suggests that cell phone radiation will eventually pose a larger threat to public health than asbestos or smoking."

"I don't agree with this. The entire Earth is a magnet. This is why we have a North/South pole. This magnetic field is constantly changing and works at many many frequencies including 2.4GHz. The power of a wifi magnetic field doesn't even come close to the frequency / power of the sun. Numerous things in history have operated at 2.4GHz. HAM radio operators for instance have used this frequency on huge amplifiers. This frequency has also been used for data transmission VIA packet radio for HAM operators. Pagers amplified off huge towers.
Everything has a magnetic field working at numerous frequencies. Blenders interfere with televisions for example. 2.4 GHz is a high frequency, but no way near unheard of. (even a chunk of wood has a molecular magnetic field). 2.4GHz, is just the wavelength of the radio signal. Smaller (less broad) and not broad makes more penetration at less power. Lower frequencies are more broad and take more power to amplify. So for a police radio, operating in the 40MHz frequencies, penetrate your body at 4 Watts (usually minimum, but often upwards of 7 watts for hand held units) Wifi on the other hand from most routers, operate around 20-28 mw (milliwatts). 28 ten thousandths of 1 watt. or 28 X 10 to the -3 power. Wifi barely makes it through a wall, while things like police radios make it through cities & buildings. Police radios also can truncate at 2.4GHz as well shoving 7 watts @ 2.4 GHz right through your body. There's nothing that can be done about this. Your body is bombarded with radio signals at huge wattages, powers, and frequencies constantly - either naturally, or man made."

From the research I've done I am convinced EMF pollution is not good for you. A concentration of Negative ions are healing, where as a concentration of positive ions are not. Ways to get negative ions: walk barefoot on grass or lay on the grass, be near large evergreen trees or running water or the sea or ocean, etc. on mountains, basically in nature far away from electro magnetic pollution (high in positive ions) and such. This is why TB was treated with those infected being sent to the sea or mountains. Many air purifiers use negative ions. Negative ions are supposed to kill molds. Be careful if you are making bread or kumbacha tea or kefir and using one of these air purifiers it can kill your starter. I have also heard it is most healing to sleep with your head to the North because the magnetic pull is most healing and rejuvinating. Who knows? If you are desperate you just might try this.

Yeast overgrowth and vaginal yeast overgrowth:

The following remedies were from various people who posted on Vital Votes at

"oregano oil is a good treatment and maintenance for previous candida ; take oregano oil for about a week every month and supplement, daily, with All Flora probiotics."

"Take Colloidal silver: a tablespoon 2 x a day for about 5 days "

re: Garlic, a couple contradictory bits of info:
1."I would not use garlic with a yeast infection. Garlic is an anti-bacterial and ALL anti-bacterial products are the opposite of what is used with yeast infections. Garlic kills too many essential bacterias, which help to kill yeast, so you don't want to kill those off. "
2."I don't know what other people's 12 hour cure is, but mine IS using garlic. Peel the clove, put a few little nicks in it. Insert it high in the vagina and leave it for 24 hours. After a few hours you will feel relief, in 12 hours you will feel much better. If it is a particularly bad infection I will exchange the clove for a new one for up to 72 hours. Don't be alarmed if the clove looks blue when you take it out. You will taste garlic in your mouth for as long as you use this treatment, so some people only use it overnight. I find it easiest to just insert the clove on its own, some practitioners suggest wrapping it in gauze and tying it off with floss for easier removal but that seems like too much work for me. In addition to the garlic, make the dietary changes and get plenty of water and sleep. You'll feel better and be taking steps to prevent another one. "

"Tea tree oil is excellent for a yeast infection. A few drops in cool water for a twice-daily douch is a good remedy. You can also use something like coco butter and tea tree oil to make a suppository." [NOTE: If you think you are ovulating avoid douching if there is even a remote possibility you can get pregnant.]

"Tea tree oil and clove oils and buds are old fashioned herbal remedies for vaginal yeast infections. "

"Douching with a vinegar wash morning and night (2 tbsp apple cider vinegar with 4 cups warm water), followed by insertion of an acidophilus capsule every night for a good 10 days seems to take care of it."

"I would like to suggest that douching that often may be slowing your recovery. You wash out all the good stuff and have to start over again. Ten days worth of capsules seems like kind of a long regimen. In my experience, the yogurt works the best and almost always within 2-3 days at MOST. Give it a try?..."

"Systemic candida overgrowth can be quite a bit more complex to relieve than what is suggested here for many people. There is a correlation between mercury toxicity and candida overgrowth. Apparently the candida absorbs the mercury. So until the toxicity issue is dealt with, the candida may not go away permanently. It also accounts for the extremely difficult detox symptoms that may result when one uses diet and supplements to attempt to get rid of the candida - it may be much more than just "die-off". Also, many people with impaired digestion which is largely caused by chronic candida and related issues may not do well on the high meat protein diet that is typically advocated. The solutions to these concerns are all addressed by Donna Gate's Body Ecology."

"Some other good natural internal and external yeast remedies can be found at: "

"Be sure to avoid sugar and bleached flour and use a good probiotic such as the one Dr. Mercola sells."

"Insert a tampon saturated with plain all natural yogurt Works every single time. No joke.---"

"I insert the yogurt manually, but then wear a pad for awhile for any "overflow". I also, have never had this method fail. "

"For a free recipe on how to get rid of yeast overgrowth, which I've shared with customers at the health food store where I work, go here:
I've seen people lose 90 pounds, completely eliminate painful "geographic tongue" (the tongue looks like a map, hence the name), etc. I mention a product called PB-8 for the probiotic, but Dr. Mercola's probiotic would be a good one to use in its place.
The best to you.
Kelley Eidem, author"

"Well, she told me that candida albumen HATED the herb oregano. She gave me a bottle of Oreganol oil the no sugar/yeast/grain/fruit diet, told me what to expect and booked me in for another test in 4 weeks (using the non invasive MORA RM10 machine). When I returned I couldn't believe it - the candida had gone."

"I found that adding water kefir and kombucha tea as well as eating raw garlic daily and kefir grains daily have really helped. (They are true raw lacto-fermented products-big difference between them and the pasteurized fermented vinegars, etc. you find in stores.)"

"I think the homemade water kefir and kombucha put lots of good bacteria in my body that help me fight yeast-and the raw garlic kills lots of narsty bugs from yeast to viruses. Keeps the mosquitos away, too!"

"I self-diagnosed myself as having candida based on all my symptoms which included : bad breath after eating sugar and fruit, feeling lousy after eating sugar, etc. Yet the worse one was constant body aches. Changing my diet to eliminate sugar, vinegar products, yeast products, and using probiotics & oil of oregano really helped, but the body aches only slightly got better. A doctor suggested I go to a website (or .com - can't remember), read the online book, and try the solution recommended: a sodium chlorite mixture. You drink it. It oxygenates your blood, aiding your immune system to kill pathogens, and is 8 times stronger than using stabilized oxygen. The solution can be found anywhere by searching for "MMS solution". It taste nasty after you get up to high doses of 15 drops a day, but my body aches have diminished by 80%!!!! It's like a miracle!!! The stuff is an actual CURE for malaria, but also works for alot of other things. Do your research, that's all I'm asking, and try the stuff. A 4 oz bottle can be bought for only $20 and that will last about 6 months. A lot of people all over the world sell it, it's not just one person or a company. I truly believe I have found the 'secret' cure out there for a lot of illnesses."

"the yeast connection diet and donna gates BED diet are good for some people. but others need to avoid some of the foods they recommend. not everyone can continue eating whole grains and beans and other carbohydrate foods and still get rid of candida."

"Grapefruit Seed Extract as an all natural Candida cure."
"I use a whole garlic clove(with about 6 cuts in it from my fingernail) as a suppository(no need for string), I get a new one 2x a day. Sometimes I coat it in tea tree or neem oil around it as well. NO you will NOT get burned by the garlic clove juice."

"Kill ALL your sugar, glutan(wheat), bread, and corn intake.(I did this for 2 months...) This even includes carrots."

"You wont believe how sugar will make it worse FAST. I was experimenting and even a carrot made it worse after a couple hours. I really could tell : ( If you go on the candida diet, start to feel better, then screw up by eating something even a little sweet, you WILL feel it)."

"I also took paragone (from renew life) and Yeast Fighter (from twinlab) for about a month."

"- The MDI News forum at says cream of tartar cures Candida within 3 months for some at least. MDI largely promotes MMS, which is good for many infections. I'm starting a discussion of MMS at and I have a lot of info about it at "

"Dr. Whiting says hydrogen peroxide therapy. He states that oxygen kills yeast and a lot of other illnesses. Phoenixnutritionals has his product. I don't know if it works, haven't tried it, but thought I'd add this in case it does help someone. Dr. Whiting's website is ........... "

" has an oxy rich aloe toddy"

"The Yeast Connection misses a few important points. (I was put on an anti-candida diet by a worked). 1. Yes, a diet high in nuts and seeds. But avoid peanuts and coconut, as these are prone to fungal outbreaks on their own. 2. Avoid root vegetables, especially potatoes. Root vegetables, like peanuts, are prone to fungal growths. Potatoes, however, are very special in that they ferment faster than anything else (hence the popularity of vodka in Russia in times past). However, some yellow root vegetables are acceptable for nutritional purposes. 3. Avoid ANYTHING that ferments. I was told to consume minor amounts of fruits, because with the yeast already present they are more likely to ferment. 4. Avoid anything fermented. This may seem obvious, but, while soy sauce is a great way to make vegetables taste better, it is fermented and can be an issue. 5. Avoid soy in general, because the phytoestrogens, like other hormones and hormone precursors, is sugar-based and will encourage yeast-growth. 6. Avoid artificial sweeteners, as these cause insulin release, and insulin, being a sugar-based molecule, will feed candida.
Also, there are natural remedies that can be used in conjunction with the anti-candida diet. The extract of the inner hull of black walnut, Pau D'arco, caprylic acid, extract of grapefruit seed have all been used with good results. For most, the problem will go away within two weeks."

"Dr.Reddy I read an article advising to eat 3 cloves of garlic a day for six(6) weeks for the treatment of candida infection, especially woman suffering candida albicans, popularly known as thrash.. Garlic is the best natural treatment of fungus infections. Then how to eat Garlic. First slice them into small bits , leave them for ten(10) minutes to the air. Then swallow the bits with water or fruit juice. Garlic is also good for reducing cholesterol. In fact American scientists have shown that Garlic acts like a natural statin in dissolving already built up fat in the arteries. Fantastic. Only problem is , some people cannot tolerate garlic as it causes rash on the body apart from the strong smell which is anti -social. However, if one has no such problems, try garlic to prevent Blooc Pressure, Fungus infections and heart attacks."

"I have found kefir mixed with flax seed to be excellent, and I couldn't make it without jordin rubin's primal defense probiotic"

Gum and Teeth health

This information was taken from a forum at CureZone. This post is on Oil Pulling (OP) and other things you can do to keep your teeth and gums healthy. My disclaimer is this: this is information not a diagnosis or prescription for anything. You use all info at your own risk or benefit. OP is when you swish oil in your mouth for 15 minutes then spit it out. It pulls a bunch of toxins out of you and can potentially heal gum disease. It is also recommended to rinse your mouth with salt water (use Celtic sea salt, or some other totally unrefined sea salt, it should be grayish in color) afterwards.

"OP removes harmful bacteria from the mouth. Bacteria that cause havoc with your gums, as well as other organs. There are just some bacteria that cannot be killed by conventional means, and we believe that these bacteria are oil soluable, meaning they are attracted to the properties of the oil. "I would immediately start using unrefined (and organic if you can get it) Sesame Oil. I would also try some coconut oil just to hedge your bets. We don't know which one will work better for you, but they both have anti-bacterial properties.

You should also swish with a few drops of Oil of Oregano (make sure it's pure, not mixed with olive oil) in your pulling oil. It's very strong, like a natural broad spectrum anti-biotic. Peppermint Oil and Clove Oil are also good things to have in your arsenal.

Another very good thing to do for gum and teeth health is to use a Waterpik, I know many that add H202 to their waterpik with great results."

From another post: "Any oil will do right now. Oils to avoid (even eating) are Canola, Soy or Peanut. If you have any of these, throw them away right now. (I'm sorry I sound pushy, but it's for your health). The Oleic acid in Olive Oil is superb for sublingual absorbtion of fatty acids. While you are removing your bad bacteria, you are also dosing your body (and I mean directly into your blood system) all those great EFA's. That is why it's so important to have good quality oils. You will notice the effect because the heels of your feet and your elbows will get softer. It's unreal when this happens, but it does happen to most people."

If your body is acidic your teeth will be prone to cavitations. Coffee makes you acidic as does sugar and white flour, see other posts on balancing your pH.

If you have pain from a cavity use clove oil or tea tree oil (brush your teeth with a drop or two or swish with them) and/or hydrogen peroxide (swish and spit) to get immediate relief. A water pic is supposed to be very beneficial if you use H2O2. Then make sure you balance your pH. Take high vitamin butter oil with cod liver oil to regenerate the tooth. Yes, cavities can be reversed if you haven't had it drill and filled. You also have to eat right too.