Sunday, June 22, 2008

EMF (Electro Magnetic Field) Pollution (Two Views)

From various people posting on Mecola's vital votes:

"I just posted on the recent cell phone-brain tumor epidemic article where I shared my clinical findings about wireless EMF combined with underlying heavy metal toxicity in the body or what I like to call 'The Antenna Effect' (currently working on a book about this). I strongly feel that those with EHS (highly sensitive to EMF) ALL have significant levels of heavy metals in their body acting like an antenna source drawing in the EMF around them and that combo is what makes them very sick. This is what I find in my clinical practice. Here is part of my post from the previous cell phone-brain tumor article as it seems to fit: This is a tradegy waiting to happen of course but my view is slightly different. A great deal of my work is focused on heavy metal and chemical toxicity as it relates to illness and dis-ease in the body. My clinical findings suggest that those with the highest level of metals in their body have the most difficulty with EMF (their cell, pda, microwave oven at home, and even the electronics in their car can occasionally cause rather bizarre symptoms in these patients but not always as most of the time people are completely unaware that they have metals as this truely is a silent epidemic). The metals in your body simply acts like an antenna drawing in EMF. That is why it is my mission to educate everyone to get screened for metal and chemical toxicity and God willing our healthcare system will catch on to environmental causes. It is a tradegy that we all have to tolerate the increase in unavoidable EMF from wireless emissions among other sources. The jury is out as far as what effects the radiation alone will do to our delicate brains but eliminating 'The Antenna Effect' by cleaning the metals out of the brain and nerve tissue may very well be one of the best forms of prevention within our control."

"The Health Effects of Electrical Pollution" published by the National Foundation for Alternative Medicine.

"New Cell Phone Study Says Hang Up & Use a Land Line:

By the Inkslinger - April 30, 2008

"The new study, Mobile Phones and Brain Tumors – A Public Health Concern, was conducted by noted Australian brain surgeon Dr. Vini Gautam Khurana. Dr. Khurana analyzed more than 100 separate studies, both pro and con, on the potential health effects of cellular phone usage and concluded that the electromagnetic radiation (EMR) emitted by cell phones will likely lead to an epidemic of brain cancers within the next decade.
Among the points the new research phones home:

• There is a "significant and increasing body of evidence" that demonstrates a link between "excessive and/or prolonged" cell phone usage and certain brain tumors.

• This link should be taken seriously and no longer regarded as a myth.

• The time between the start of regular cell phone usage and the diagnosis of a brain tumor in susceptible individuals can be anywhere from 10 to 20 years. Thus, a statistically significant spike in brain cancer rates should be seen sometime in the next four years (assuming the mid-90s marks the moment cell phone adoption became widespread).

• Enough evidence currently exists to compel government and the cell phone industry to take immediate action to alert consumers to the hazards posed by cell phone EMR.

• This evidence suggests that cell phone radiation will eventually pose a larger threat to public health than asbestos or smoking."

"I don't agree with this. The entire Earth is a magnet. This is why we have a North/South pole. This magnetic field is constantly changing and works at many many frequencies including 2.4GHz. The power of a wifi magnetic field doesn't even come close to the frequency / power of the sun. Numerous things in history have operated at 2.4GHz. HAM radio operators for instance have used this frequency on huge amplifiers. This frequency has also been used for data transmission VIA packet radio for HAM operators. Pagers amplified off huge towers.
Everything has a magnetic field working at numerous frequencies. Blenders interfere with televisions for example. 2.4 GHz is a high frequency, but no way near unheard of. (even a chunk of wood has a molecular magnetic field). 2.4GHz, is just the wavelength of the radio signal. Smaller (less broad) and not broad makes more penetration at less power. Lower frequencies are more broad and take more power to amplify. So for a police radio, operating in the 40MHz frequencies, penetrate your body at 4 Watts (usually minimum, but often upwards of 7 watts for hand held units) Wifi on the other hand from most routers, operate around 20-28 mw (milliwatts). 28 ten thousandths of 1 watt. or 28 X 10 to the -3 power. Wifi barely makes it through a wall, while things like police radios make it through cities & buildings. Police radios also can truncate at 2.4GHz as well shoving 7 watts @ 2.4 GHz right through your body. There's nothing that can be done about this. Your body is bombarded with radio signals at huge wattages, powers, and frequencies constantly - either naturally, or man made."

From the research I've done I am convinced EMF pollution is not good for you. A concentration of Negative ions are healing, where as a concentration of positive ions are not. Ways to get negative ions: walk barefoot on grass or lay on the grass, be near large evergreen trees or running water or the sea or ocean, etc. on mountains, basically in nature far away from electro magnetic pollution (high in positive ions) and such. This is why TB was treated with those infected being sent to the sea or mountains. Many air purifiers use negative ions. Negative ions are supposed to kill molds. Be careful if you are making bread or kumbacha tea or kefir and using one of these air purifiers it can kill your starter. I have also heard it is most healing to sleep with your head to the North because the magnetic pull is most healing and rejuvinating. Who knows? If you are desperate you just might try this.

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