Monday, October 13, 2008

Are Weeds Taking Over Your Yard?

From Six Wise:
It's time to fight back, using all-natural methods of course. (The last thing you want to do is douse your outdoor living space with toxic yard chemicals.) Fortunately, the following non-toxic methods are all very effective at killing weeds (and are totally harmless to you as well):

Pour boiling water on them (this works best for weeds in driveway cracks and sidewalks).
Pull them out by hand.

Spray them with vinegar (be careful not to spray plants you want as it will kill them too).

Apply mulch, it will help to keep weeds away. For even more weed prevention, put a barrier such as newspaper or paper bags underneath the mulch.

To fertilize your plants naturally use crushed eggshells or even the water from boiled eggs. Certain plants like roses, evergreens, hydrangeas and gardenias also love coffee grounds.

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