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Lowering cholesterol with statins is only good for the drug companies and absolutely the wrong thing to do. We NEED adequate supplies of cholesterol for Vit D3 production, for digestion, for hormone production, (both fight and flight reactions) as well as sex hormones. Our skeletal integrity depends on it. Hardening of the arteries through atherosclerosis has very little to do with cholesterol. Artherotic plaque is largely composed of calcium, platelet remnants and heavy metals caught in a web of fibrin, the result of a thrombin clot.  The calcium has usually metastasised from hard tissue such as bone, not only causing cardiovascular disease but causing osteoporosis as well. This is why so many people have crumbling hip sockets, suffer a loss of libido, have subclinical infertility and a serious reduction in the essential co enzyme Q 10...also a compromised immunity to viruses and other micro-organisms. Poor circulation is caused by multiple vitamin, mineral and trace element deficiencies and an imbalance of globulins to fibrinogen ratio which causes rouleaux formation when red cells stack together obstructing blood flow, oxygen and nutrient carrying capacity. The only way to reverse the formation of plaque effectively is to supplement with a combination of EDTA chelation and a proteolytic enzyme such as Nattokinase which can dissolve fibrin harmlessly.
Cholesterol is a red herring and reducing cholesterol with statins is only going to make cardiovascular disease infinately worse. So wake up every one!! Stop taking those horrible drugs such as statins, calcium channel blockers, alpha and beta blockers and aspirin. Biochemically speaking, they are killers in their own right and will shorten lives by many years. Nature provides brilliant ways to counter vascular disease, but the medical industry doesn't want you to know as it cuts into their toxic drug trade and billions of dollars profit gleaned from their (d-evils) devil's brews.
Copied this from an Oregon State University study:
Tea plants accumulate fluoride in their leaves. In general, the oldest tea leaves contain the most fluoride. Most high quality teas are made from the bud or the first two to four leaves—the youngest leaves on the plant. Brick tea, a lower quality tea, is made from the oldest tea leaves and is often very high in fluoride.
The fluoride content of white tea is likely to be less than other teas, since white teas are made from the buds and youngest leaves of the tea plant. The fluoride contents of 17 brands of green, oolong, and black teas is presented in the table below. These values do not include the fluoride content of the water used to make the tea.

Fluoride Content of Teas
Type of Tea        Fluoride (mg/8 ounces)
Green                0.3-0.4
Oolong          0.1-0.2
Black                0.2-0.5
Brick tea        0.5-1.7
This misconception - that fluoride in food or tea is harmless and that fluoride shares credit for the bone and tooth-building benefits of accompanying nutrients - is part of the public miseducation concocted by fluoride polluters way back when. It is now a "meme" accepted by the majority, which is why fluoridation is still with us. It is this meme that Dr. Mercola, Dr. Connett and others like me are working hard to change. Fluoride is always toxic to the body. The degree is affected by your age, kidney function, nutrient intake and previous accumulation.
Fluoride from food, accompanied by nutrient minerals and antioxidants that ARE good for healthy bones and teeth, is less toxic to the body than fluoridated water that has none, because the body sacrifices nutrients and minerals to either sequester or eliminate fluoride.
Consider this: "I have heard that lead in nutritious food is actually good for protecting our bones from radiation, but the lead from gasoline and coal burning is what we should avoid." Who benefits from this belief? Right - the lead polluters who can continue to press government not to lower the allowable blood lead levels in pregnant women and children, not to label subtle neuro-behavioral effects as a public health concern (or call lowered IQ, an irreversible adverse effect "merely cosmetic" like they do for dental fluorosis) and maintain lax lead standards for lead in pesticides, fertilizers, foods and consumer products to support short-sighted environmental regs and bigger profits. Pretending that lead is protective against radiation when swallowed in protective foods also deflects attention from the dangers of radiation exposures from man made source.
Please, the next time fluoride is praised in front of you, challenge politely with the truth. Each of us, doing this in our own circles, can have a powerful ripple effect.
I drink Yerba Mate - has more antioxidants than green, black or white tea but has no fluoride issues. Also has a substance in it that has a very similar effect to the EGCG that's in tea. Oh, and it's much cheaper than high quality tea.
Tea today is also linked to cancer, due to its high fluoride content. Fluoride has been precisely identified as attracting and storing polonium in the spleen. Polonium is required to start and fuel all tumors. Clark H R PhD ND 2007. Tea has also been identified as containing 2 allergenic plant compounds, salacylic acid and caffeic acid. Each of these inflame 8 different targeted body parts. An inflamed body part allows easy entry for the cancer nucleus and cancer complex to start, and allow to continue,  a malignancy. Clark H R 2007. - It compares cancer rates around the world and although Japan is now pretty much in line with much of the West there is mention of green tea.  To quote:  "This is underscored by the fact that Japanese health statistics show that mortality rates from stomach cancer are 70 percent lower than the national average among residents of Shizuoka Prefecture, where large quantities of green tea are consumed. Those in the Kawane district, one of the country's largest tea-producing regions, have amazingly low stomach cancer mortality rates - 70-80 percent lower than the Japanese average. And while the focus is on green tea here, it is most likely that the soil and water of this region contain - like the island of Okinawa, another remarkably healthy region - high levels of the complete natural range of the 72+ trace elements.

I find that even green tea has too much caffeine since I've always had trouble sleeping and caffeine exacerbates the problem. Rooibos has no caffeine. Coffee has 2 or 3 times that of green tea. But of course the results may be different for other people. More details here:

Please also mention to your subscribers that you increase your absorption of the benefits of Green Tea from approximately 20% to approximately 80% when you consume your Green Tea with Vitamin C containing substances.  What is contained in a plant is far different from what is absorbed from a plant and the difference, if there is any, should always be mentioned in articles such as these.  It is the same issue concerning the consumption of Tumeric with Black Pepper.  These kinds of details are very important when people are trying to use these substances therapeutically. I can not think of a better breakfast or snack.  A cup of quality, free trade Green Tea with an Organic Orange or a few Organic Strawberries.
White tea has less fluoride AND it has less caffeine AND it has more anti-oxidants than green tea.

Drinking lots of tea is not recommended for people prone to most forms of kidney stones, I've read.
The diuretic properties of caffeine would also be contra-indicatory for sufferers of gout. i.e.: no diuretics for gout.

You forgot to mention one really important downside of drinking tannin containing teas. If you drink tea with your meals every bit of iron in your meal is bound up by the tannin and therefore is rendered unavailable for absorption by the body. Over several years of drinking tea with your meals will result in chronic iron shortage.
Three cups of good quality, certified organic tea a day minimum....Angiogenesis is a good thing when it comes to cancer cells. Every little bit helps to create a healthy foundation to prevent what we can naturally.

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I like this I read:
"Each of us, doing this in our own circles, can have a powerful ripple effect.I drink Yerba Mate - has more antioxidants than green, black or white tea but has no fluoride issues."
Maybe I'll switch to that instead of my regular black tea in the morning- that and thanks to Big Berkey, I'm on my way to better health!