Monday, January 03, 2011

Epsom salt, Magnesium, Diabetes

(I don't know where I got this from)
When I found out from my doctor, that I was a diabetic, he recommended increasing the magnesium in my diet. I worked wonders. I still do suffer from diabetic leg pains and severe swelling in my feet, but a good soak in warm epsom salts cures that very quickly. I used the foot bath every evening.

Want magnesium in your diet? try these:
1. Buckwheat
2. boiled Spinach
3. soy beans (only if well fermented)
4. Miso soup
5. Avocado

Epsom salts is also great for conditioning and for taking off "gunk" from your hair. It leaves it silky soft, and easy to style. I found out by mistake. I soak often in Epsom salts in the tub and washed my hair in the water one night. I repeat it now often on purpose!!!

While I was battling major acne, my esthetician told me to mix epsom salts with warm water in my hand, then apply as a mask to my face and then apply a layer of zinc oxide. The salts draw out impurities and the zinc oxide is antibacterial. If my face gets dry, then I use less or no zinc oxide. Leave it on at least 30 minutes, but you can leave it on over night (use pillow cases that you don't mind staining with the zinc). You can do this every night. It truly works on my skin.

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