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The following points were taken from the comments section on an article (click on this post title to go to the full length article) on depression from Dr Mercola's site:

----...the first thing anyone (an older person especially) should have checked in his/her Vit B12 level.  After 20 years of fighting major depression/anxiety, for which I was hospitalized once, 80% (if one can give a real percentage at all) was 'cured' by a Vit B12 injection (and I have them a few times a year).  After that it was recommended that I take Vit D3 and good quality fish oil.  That helped even more.  And then I started cardio exercise for about 30+ minutes five days a week.  I was very much 'cured' at that point.  HOWEVER, I do believe that there is depression -- mild or severe -- which is quite normal under certain circumstances (like the death of a loved one) and that, despite all the 'helps', we're simply going to have to work through it, for our own good and growth.  In this world we are certainly not going to be 'up' all of the time.  My former psychiatrist, who got me on this road to better mental/emotional/physical heath, used to say that "If we're not a little anxious and depressed in this world, there really is something wrong with us."  When I read the daily news and become a little depressed and anxious, I smile as I remember her words.

----I do believe Depression and other mental illnesses are caused by poor body chemistry that results from the [garbage] being passed off as food these days and I respect Dr. Mercola for being on top of that issue.  In my opinion, nothing straightens out our bodies chemistry better than a healthy whole food, organic, plant based diet. I am acquainted with a wonderful woman who healed herself from a serious 20 year case of BiPolar and depression by adopting a RAW food diet and has written a book about her journey to good mental health. It's powerful. The book is titled "Healing Bi-Polar and Depression". Learn  more about her amazing story at
Rich Brown - Cincinnati OH

----Homeopathy is a very effective means of treating depression because it gets to the root cause of each individuals dis-ease. See for two amazing examples given in the sufferers own words.

----You didn't mention a very pervasive problem...thyroid disorders that can cause a lot of depression.
And thyroid disorders can be caused by estrogen dominance stemming, I hypothesize largely, from from lack of exercise, and secondarily from estrogen-like chemical pollution.
I was one who was hospitalized several times for depression and found once I stopped eating processed and refined foods and take omegas and St John's Wort have never had any problems since except minor days of a little feelings of being down. You really gotta get out there and just do stuff to overcome depression. Emotion comes from motion. I've worked with many clients who are chronically depressed, just have to take the first step to do anything. Just something random like some jumping jacks, or a handstand. by moving in a different way, it changes your physiology and biochemistry. Start with anything small. Because most ppl when they're depressed don't move much at all! So the first thing to change is the way you use your body.

[Many people's depression is exacerbated by the  lack of knowing where they have come from and where they are going to. The answer: the dear good God.]

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