Wednesday, April 25, 2007


From Body Ecology: we prefer milk kefir to yogurt because it is more potent.
Kefir has more live microflora and unlike yogurt, kefir has beneficial yeast.

Choose Milk Kefir if You Want:

  • Smoothies - thick and rich, you can add stevia and sour fruits, like blueberries or cranberries for a delicious morning smoothie.
  • To boost your mood - milk kefir is the 'feel good' drink because it boosts serotonin levels in your brain, which in turn boosts your mood!
  • A good source of biotin, vitamin B12, thiamine (B1), folic acid, calcium and phosphorous.
  • A source of dairy that is easier to digest.
  • To coat your intestinal lining, making it easier for benefical bacteria to thrive in your intestines.[Some say the kefir bacteria won't survive the stomach acid unless it is in a specially coated pill form. If this is the case a kefir enema (lukewarm water with some kefir in it)would be the best way to repopulate the gut--my comment]
  • To cool your body, especially if you have a fever or any condition resulting in body heat, like a herpes outbreak or AIDS.
  • Kefir is a very popular breakfast in Russia and Poland in the hot months of summer because it is a cooling beverage.

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