Wednesday, April 25, 2007


--Researchers have found that the cerebral spinal fluid of suicide victims have low levels of magnesium. Clinicians find that most of their depressed patients are low in magnesium.

-- Low zinc is associated with depression.

--Go to this site to read about people who were on antidepressants and/or were switching their doses and the effect it had on them.

--Omega 3 and B vitamins are very important for mental health.

--Finding Omega-3 supplements: preferred cod liver oil is from Nordic Naturals. [I'm not sure what the best Cod liver oil is]. If the thought of cod liver oil or fish oil makes you gag, look for a gel cap form. Dr Andrew Stoll recommends about 4 grams of EPA for depression.

--Finding B-vitamin supplements: Brewer’s Yeast enriched with B-vitamins is a very good B-vitamin supplement. You might take about double the recommended levels for a couple of weeks. If you find yourself reorganizing the cupboards at midnight, you’ve taken too much. Brewer’s Yeast can give you some energy, but you need your sleep more than your cupboards need reorganizing. Ask someone at your local independent health food store for their recommendation on a B-complex vitamin for you. [The best source of B-vitamin is actually liver. You can buy desiccated Liver tablets if you don't like liver.] I mentioned the Brewer’s Yeast above because that is the most palatable choice for most people. Another path to B-vitamins is through eating liver. When I eat liver about three times a week, I have a great boost of energy, I am able to handle stress, and the many life stresses do not upset me as much as they normally would. [Liver from pastured animals is best.]

---This information was taken from many sources, unfortunately I don’t remember where from.

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R Ryan said...

I understand that some suicide victims have been found to have increased levels of lead in them. Very strange.