Wednesday, April 25, 2007


"I agree 100% that exercise is one piece to the healing and prevention puzzle. I have found as well that most of my clients that have breast cancer in their family, are worried or get it, are estrogen dominant. This can mean high levels, but as well normal levels of estrogens. Estrogen dominance means that one has low levels of progesterone in order to oppose estrogen.

"Estrogen caused cell proliferation and cell growth. Estrogen dominance in this day and age in my opinion comes from many places, but the most common are:

"1. Plastic water bottles and containers contain xenoestrogens.

"2. Stress causes the body to steal pregnenolone (precursor to progesterone) from the metabolic pathways in order to keep up with the production of cortisol. This leads to adrenal issues and low progesterone levels.

"3. Most hygiene products, perfumes, etc will cause estrogen levels to increase, as well as make a women's hormones go haywire.

"4. The pill causes most women's hormones to go haywire. Most have synthetic estrogens in them, which cause adrenal stress, as well as add to estrogen dominance.

"5. Soy, and this is a whole discussion topic in itself."

[6. Pesticides!]

--from a post on a forum(?)

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