Thursday, October 29, 2009

De-stress Tips

Here is a list of de-stressing tips.


Relax Now List
Visualize yourself in a tranquil place.
Gain control of your breathing.
Repeat a helpful quote or word.
Get away from the noise.
Use your imagination.
Use good scents. (essential oils)
A List of Relaxing Thoughts
See problems as opportunities.
Don't take it personally.
There is no right answer.
It's not a perfect world.
Let go, and let God.
This too shall pass.
Refute negative thoughts.
Stop overgeneralizing.
Control yourself, not others.
Be yourself.
De-Stress List
Exercise .
Meditate .
Take a nap.
Get a massage .
Practice yoga or tai chi. (pray and/or exercise)
Listen to soothing music.
Use guided imagery tapes. (?)
Take an aromatherapy bath.
Use biofeedback or hypnotherapy. (?)
Take time-out: a short walk or a long vacation .
Take a news fast: stop being a receptacle for the world's problems.
Let's Get Physical List
Do exercises that work your leg muscles, as in "Run away!"
Bounce on a rebounder or jog in place.
Climb stairs or use a stair-stepper.
Walk it off or run around the block.
Use a treadmill. (It works for lab rats.)
Use short bursts of muscular energy, as in "Put 'em up!"
Shadowbox or have a punching bag handy.
Do push-ups, sit-ups, and other upper body work with dumbbells.

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