Thursday, March 09, 2006

Fluoride Facts

-Fluoride is the active ingredient in Prozac and many other tranquilizers and deadly nerve gas (Sarin). The first places ever fluoridated were Nazi concentration camps in WWII to control prisoner behavior.
-After earlier experiments and studies, 98% of Europe in now non-fluoridated. Interestingly, while only 9% of England is fluoridated, they force all of Northern Ireland to be fluoridated.
-Most commercial water filters cannot remove fluoride from water. Reverse osmosis works but is quickly ruined by the corrosive nature of fluoride.
-The American Academy of Pediatric dentistry has no proof of fluoride safety or effectiveness.
-Fluoride causes fluorosis (mottled, brittle teeth prone to fracture).
-Fluoride is the only chemical added to U.S. municipal water that is used to mass medicate, rather than render water safe to drink.
-Fluoride is cancer causing in rats, mice, and humans.
-The type of fluoride added to water is hazardous waste by-product of aluminum, uranium, and phosphate fertilizer industries.
-Hip fracture rates are much higher in fluoridated communities.
-Recent large-scale studies in U.S., Australia, and Canada show no difference in decay rates of permanent teeth in fluoridated and non-fluoridated water.
-Fluoride is more toxic than lead even in minute doses. It accumulates in and damages the brain/mind development of children, produces abnormal behavior in animals, and reduces human I.Q.

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