Thursday, December 22, 2005

Ugly Churches

Ugly churches seem to show a lack of love and faith of Jesus in the Eucharist. St. Peter Julian Eymard wrote:

The ages of faith thought they could never do enough to heighten the splendor of Eucharistic worship: witness their basilicas, their sacred vessels, their vestments, which are masterpieces of art and magnificence.

These marvels were the work of faith; the worship and honors paid to Jesus Christ are the measure of the faith of a people, the expression of its virtue.

Let honor therefore be given to Jesus Eucharistic. He is worthy of it; He has a right to it.

But He will not be satisfied with exterior honors. He requires the worship of our love: the service of the heart and the submission of the mind...He that loves the Eucharist is always in quest of it. He frequently speaks of it. He needs Jesus; he is forever tending toward Him; he offers Him all his actions, all the pleasures of his heart, his joys, his consolations. He turns everything into a bouquet for Jesus Eucharistic.

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