Friday, December 02, 2005


For Eczema, from
-switch from pasteurized milk to real, raw milk.
-stop all gluten products
-provide beneficial omega-3 fish oil;-Carlson's cod liver oil is best as it provides extra vitamin D.
-Exposure to sunlight on the affected skin is also frequently of benefit.
-There is also some benefit for providing an essential omega-6 fat like GLA. This can be obtained inexpensively from borage oil, but my [Mercola's] favorite is the more expensive primrose oil. One can use from 500 to 2600 mg of the Evening Primrose oil.
Dr. Mercola says: They all seem to respond amazingly well to the above protocol.
Taken from other sources such as
-good bacteria helps, found in kefir, yogart, homemade sourkraut. All with live bacteria.
-eat bone broths,the gelatin is beneficial along with all the trace minerals
-don't eat artifical sweetners
-don't eat soy
(Researchers have found a link between increased risks of certain cancers and the use of two prescription creams commonly used to treat skin conditions in children has initiated a growing concern among scientists. This concern prompted scientists to propose adding stronger warnings to the product labels. The two brands of cream under investigation are Protopic and Elidel.)
For an article on raw milk:

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