Monday, December 05, 2005

Heart Attack part 2

I forgot to mention that if you have a heart attack or even if you haven't there are several things you should do to prevent one from occurring.

-First cut out all processed food. This is important because processed foods contains toxins, anti-nutrients, and tax your immune and digestive systems. Some things in processed foods that should be avoided are: MSG which can come under many different names, this is a neurotoxin; high fructose corn syrup; enriched white flour, the iron in this is not assimilated in our bodies and men usually have too high of iron which makes them cancer susceptible also white flour is converted into sugar almost immediately after eating it; refined sugar, this shuts down your immune system because it's being used completely to regulate your blood sugar level; vegetable oils or partially hydrogenated fats, these are the real culprits for heart disease and also bombard your system with free radicals which can make you susceptible to cancer.

-Make sure you take cod liver oil every day (get a good brand that does not test positive for mercury, Carlson's is good), this is important because we need the omega 3 essential fatty acids as our food has been stripped of it and we are also very deficient of vitamin D and being vit D deficient makes you cancer susceptible among other things.

-Exercise till you sweat, certain toxins are only released through your sweat.

-Drink pure water and enough of it. Chlorine and fluoride among others are toxin poisons which tax your immune and clog your liver system.

-Get enough regular good sleep. Have a set bed time and keep it as much as possible.

-De-stress. Stress is a huge cause of heart attacks. Prayer is the best way to do this as it's the only way to have true peace. Increase your trust in God by prayer and the Sacraments. Go to daily Mass. Nothing is better for you than receiving Jesus Christ: body, blood, soul and divinity. Go to confession as this is a great way to unburden yourself and find instant peace that comes from knowing your are forgiven. Read the Bible. Other ways to eliminate stress are: deep breathing, de-clutter your house, organize your home and everything in it, and set your relationships in order. Tell your family members you love them then show them that you do. Forgive others.

-Eat the proper foods: whole foods, organic if possible; good fats; bone broths; organic raw fresh dairy or cultured or fermented dairy products and veggies such as kefir, yogurt, homemade sour kraut, etc.

-Be thankful as a grateful heart is a happy heart.

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