Friday, March 14, 2008


From Young Living:

Historically Wintergreen leaves were chewed by Native Americans & early Settlers to increase their respiratory capacity & strengthen teeth enamel preventing tooth decay.
Wintergreen tea was also drank for its anti-oxidant abilities.

Wintergreen oil is anti-spasmodic & anti-inflammatory, additionally Wintergreen oil assists in balancing blood pressure, is a vasodilator, excellent for arteriosclerosis, & lowers our pain level with its analgesic & anesthetic abilities.

Wintergreen oil produces excellent results with arthritis, joint, bone, spine, back, neck, soft tissue, nerve, teeth, & many other types of pain.

Wintergreen oil has also been proven to rapidly regenerate bone & tendon tissue 75-80% faster, making it valuable for injuries & bone density concerns.

Often you'll read that Wintergreen oil is not for internal use, however Young Living’s Wintergreen is safe for internal use in small quantities. Remembering Wintergreen is over 90% organic methyl salicylate(aspirin is made of synthetic methyl salicylate; Salicylic acid). Young Living’s Wintergreen is especially valuable as a pain reliever when combined with Helichrysum, or Clove & Valarian or Vetiver in a capsule & taken orally 1-4 times daily.

Young Living’s Wintergreen is safe for diffusing, topical & internal use.

*Please refer to the Essential Oil Desk Reference for more research information.

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