Friday, March 14, 2008

Stress / Diabetes Tips

Sabrinaoe: " My husband has diabetes and has got a very stressful working environment. He has started medication but they are not of much help. He gets stress about everything in life. It's driving me nuts. If any of you have any suggestions I would greatly appreciate it."

MillersCrossing: "Some sort of mind-body practice would be valuable. If EFT doesn't work, try something else like meditation or breathing exercises. There are many options out there."

Pinballdoctor: " I've discovered the best way to deal with stress is EXERCISE. Get your hubby to go for walks, long walks. That would be a good start. Stress is a killer if not dealt with properly. If he is stressed to the max and diabetic, that's two strikes. Is he overweight? That would be very bad. Also get your hubby to stop drinking coffee and start drinking green or white tea, for these teas contain theanine, which is a natural stress reliever. St johns wort would also help, as well as 3mg melatonin before bed."

Mareke: "Your husband's proneness to feeling stressed may be partially due to poorly regulated blood sugar levels. I used to think I was more stress pone than the average person until I realised that what I thought was nervous tension was really my blood sugar levels dropping quite low and my body running low on energy producing stress like symptoms. I discovered that small protein meals consumed through the day while at work helped even out my moods enormously as the protein kept my blood sugar levels steady. The difference it made to my ability to handle the demands of the day was amazing because my blood sugar levels remained steady. Small frequent low GI meals would probably be good for a diabetic in preference to several large meals a day.

"Exercise is of course good for a diabetic. A good 8 hours sleep each night is also good for a stressed person. Sleep has a renewing effect on anyone but especially a stressed person."

Kaysv: "I'm not diabetic but a dear friend is. He began taking a huge mineral supplement with specific targeting chromium & vanadium. His blood sugar did stabilize but no one can prove that these minerals did it. He believes they did. His doctor wouldn't give minerals any credit, but simply decreased his insulin."

This was from HSI health forum you can easily reach the HSI Healthier Talk community forums on their web site at Just choose "Forum," and join in with any of the dozens of discussions about nutrition and natural health care.
Diabetes can be reversed. See other posts on this blog for what constitutes healthy living and eating choices.

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