Friday, August 17, 2007

Thyroid Problems

A. You could have a mineral deficiency including natural iodine, not what they put in table salt.
According to Dr. James Howenstine, MD, a board certified specialist in internal medicine, it is “remarkable that anyone has normal thyroid function” in light of these common occurrences:

  1. Estrogen Dominance. This is caused by petrochmicals, fuel exhaust, hormones in meat and chicken, plastics, propylene glycol, sodium laurel sulphate in ointments, herbicides and pesticides. These potent estrogenic substances block the production of thyroid hormones and greatly magnify the incidence of estrogen dependent cancers. 100% of males and females in developed countries have estrogen dominance.
  2. Antibiotics, chlorine in the water, fluoride, and NSAID drugs used for arthritis all kill the healthy bacteria in the intestinal tract. This allows an overgrowth of candida, fungi, mycoplasma and anerobic bacteria, all of which release powerful neurotoxic substances into the blood stream that damage the hypothalamus, often resulting in multiple endocrine disorders, including under activity of the thyroid gland.
  3. Mercury that leaks from dental fillings is toxic to the thyroid gland
  4. Fluoride from any source directly interferes with thyroid function.
  5. Selenium is a trace mineral that is deficient in our soil. The production of thyroid hormones depends on a selenium containing enzyme which is lacking.
  6. Lack of iodine in our soil and diet leads to decreased thyroid hormone production.
  7. X-rays (dental, neck, spine, etc.) injure and damage the thyroid gland
  8. Perchlorates common in our drinking water block the uptake of iodine, thus inhibiting the production of thyroid hormones.
If taking the proper and safe form of iodine (water soluble non-toxic ammonium iodide), a person gets a headache in the frontal lobe, this indicates a B-1 deficiency (so take B-1 tablets). If a headache occurs in the base of the skull, this indicates a multi-mineral, and especially a magnesium or calcium deficiency. Vitamin K deficiency would be indicated by irritability, sensitivity to light, coldness or heat. A metallic taste in the mouth indicates a greater need for iodine. A stinging sensation in the mouth and throat indicate throat inflammation.

Unfortunately, the most commonly available sources of iodine are potassium iodine and sodium iodine (not recommended). This form can cause toxic effects.
Be sure you only use the safe non-toxic form of iodine, which is generally only available through doctors, and some health food stores (if you can not find it, you can order it from my office at 425-865-9874. The tester bottle is also available for $20).

--I do not know where this is from, but it has a phone number to who ever wrote it.

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Anonymous said...

PLEASE be careful of what you post. SOME of the thyroid info is so inaccurate it could kill someone! Having suffered from Graves Disease (as did my mother and maternal grandmother) we know the condition is GENETIC. Getting treatment for it is so much more important than playing around with all the things suggested in this article. My grandmother lived in Europe (over 125 years ago) in very natural surroundings with no antibiotics, hormones or chemicals listed yet she suffered from the same malady.