Monday, April 24, 2006


However great your suffering may be, consider that you have probably deserved them and that they are still far less than your guilt, since you have so often deserved hell. The time of suffering is the most precious time of all; spend it, not in complaining, but in eliciting acts of conformity with the will of God. Kneel down at the Redeemer's feet; lovingly kiss His sacred wounds, unite your sufferings with His and say at last: Lord, do not spare me here, but be merciful to me in the next world.

Always receive with thanksgiving the little crosses that God sends you. All punishments in this world are genuine acts of mercy.

[This is from The Gift of Self to God by Fr. Nicholas Grou, S.J.]


Matthew said...

"All punishments in this world are genuine acts of mercy." The time of mercy then is yet to come. We will be punished shortly. That is why we must learn to suffer well now before we are given great sufferings whether we are ready or not.

Lena said...

I am reading A Mothers Rule of Life which is a book about running a household. In it Holly, the author, describes some mental suffering she was going through for many years in her life. She eventually came upon a priest who told her that she was supposed to be happy. He thought she was experiencing demonic harassment and she wound up going through a ceremony of some sort, performed by a Catholic priest and a nun, called a deliverance.

My brother is going through much emotional turmoil now as well. He is suffering from some serious anxiety. He is a very devoted Catholic and has a spiritual director so I am confident that he is spiritually in good hands.

He has been searching for remedies - very determined to avoid medication which keep being recommended to him - and found this very interesting website. He said he used these acupressure techniques with amazing success.

And, yes he is taking fish oil regularly.


etr said...

Mental suffering most often requires special spiritual direction. I will keep your brother in my prayers. Dr. Mercola recommends EFT (Emotion Freedom Technique) which also uses accupressure points. Matt has done research into EFT and says that it seems like it has merit. I think it is the same thing you are talking about. Wait--it is the same. I just checked. Mercola has a free download of it too at his site.