Sunday, June 26, 2005

moms for kids

I guess I'm going to join the blogger's of the world. I'll start by explaining my title. They rejected my first three ideas. This title is mostly to express my pro-life sentiment. I feel such sorrow for those people brain-washed into not wanting children. The media portrays children as brats. They only turn out bratty if you let them. If you love them they will love you. If you're loving they will be loving. Be how you want them to be and then you and they will turn out good. And say you're sorry when you mess up. Everybody messes up. With the grace of God all things are possible. Pray for your children, especially ask the Blessed Mother's intercession, as it is a sure help.

Some things I will write about are: health, nutrition, politics, homeschooling and faith.


Tommy said...

Go Mom. I hope I'm not a brat. I love you.

etr said...

You are not a brat. None of you are. I love you.

Matthew said...

lol, mom, your blog makes me laugh because your wonderful personality shines through your words. I love you so much.