Sunday, June 26, 2005

An interesting homeschool

I just want to share this site (below link). This man's wife died so he had to homeschool his seven kids. The first link is his rules, the second link is the home page. He sells a curriculum now although he didn't use one. I think it's basically books on CD or MP3. I'm not advocating buying it. There is just some thought provoking articles at the site. There is also a talk somewhere at his site that is around 45 minutes long that is very interesting. His rules are:
1. There is no television in our home.
2. The children do not eat sugar
3. Formal school work occupies about five hours each day
4. Those five hours each day are the most productive hours
5. The children were taught to read with the phonetic system
6. The books we accumulated are essential to the curriculum.
7. Working about 30 math problems first thing every day.
8. Each child writes a one page essay.The remainder of the five hours is spent in reading history and science texts.
9. Freshman and sophomore college physics and chemistry
He goes into detail on each of these rules at the link below.

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