Friday, December 31, 2010

Going Barefoot

I had heard going barefoot is supposedly good for you. Here is some info that seems to explain why. 

From the book Earthing(?) :

“All you’ve got to do is take your shoes off, go for a walk in your own two bare feet, and you will discover the power of the barefoot connection.”

Electrically speaking, electrons have a negative charge, while free radicals have a positive charge. Free radicals also are constantly in search of negatively charged electrons to which they can attach themselves. What makes free radicals dangerous is that they will strip electrons from molecules in healthy tissue if necessary. But reconnecting to the Earth allows for the transfer of free electrons into the body where they can neutralize the positively charged free radicals that cause inflammation. The end result, as our observations and research show, is that Earthing can prevent or reduce chronic inflammation. This is exceptional news for those of you with cardiovascular concerns who need to keep inflammation in check in order to prevent further arterial damage. It’s also good news for people who regularly deal with pain (which is often accompanied or aggravated by inflammation), or are looking for a speedier recovery from injuries.

From a book review at Amazon: The Earth is full of electrons and these electrons work like antioxidants, disarming the free radicals that age us. Some of the benefits of "earthing" include weight loss, diminishing pain, healing of injuries, eliminating jet lag, reduction of muscle loss with aging, enhanced immune system and reduced risk of metabolic syndrome.  


R Ryan said...

What if you step on a piece of glass and cut your foot and then it gets infected and you have to have your foot amputated?

That's not very healthy. Put your shoes on!

etr said...

That's a good one. Haha