Tuesday, November 23, 2010


 Cholesterol is the most important antioxidant in the body but it is a great selling point for the pharmaceutical industry.  Cholesterol is the mother of 90% of your hormones and also it is in every cell in your body.  Do you know that your body makes 60% of your cholesterol?  Did you know that your brain, if you pull the water off, is almost all fat?
Did you know that if your cholesterol is less than 155 after 55 or 60 the chances of dying of cancer or suicide increases by 3000%?

Cholesterol lowering doesn't mean a thing unless you have extreme numbers and that is your body telling you something is going on.  Did you know that if your cholesterol is high, it may mean that your hormones are low, and because it has to produce more hormones it has to dump more cholesterol into the blood so it can make the hormones necessary to be alive?  Did you know that normal cholesterol levels 10 years ago were 250 and now the doctors want to lower that number to 150?

If the body was really made to only eat vegetables, which I can tell you it is not, then we wouldn't make a hormone or an enzyme called elastin.  Only carnivores produce this enzyme hormone, and guess what, humans do.  Now if you go back to prehistoric era, you have never seen a man building a garden, but there is plenty of evidence they used to kill or cut so they could eat.  The reason they needed meat and skin was to protect themselves from the elements and other animals.  Agriculture didn't exist until the Egyptians took over the world.  They could feed people in one place due to agriculture, but before that time we were mostly nomads, meaning we  moved with the food and the seasons.  Yes, we ate vegetables, fruits and nuts, but we never stopped hunting to grow vegetables.  The best way to really follow vegetarians, is by following a culture that is pure vegetarian, and we still haven't found one, and the closest one is the people from India and they are not pure vegans.

Your body requires B12, vitamin D and other natural sources of necessary or essential nutrients that are provided by meat or fish, and sorry, but vegetables will not give you any of those nutrients.  Also, where are you going to get the fat that you require to be alive?  I would like to know how much energy, and sex drive you have in 6 months, please let us know.

The problem is the quality of the meat, and not the meat itself.  If I give poison to my meat, what do you think you are eating?  If you find a dead animal that was poisoned with a lethal dose and you eat it, you are going to get sick, this of course is an extreme but that is what we are doing with our children when we eat the commercially grown meats and non-organic vegetables. Also, where are your vegetables coming from?  Are they from a hydro farm, are they fresh, who picked the vegetables, what type of soil was used?  Did they use artificial fertilizers, and who touched them before you ate them?

We have to eat fishmeat or eggs so we can survive, if not you will get sick, trust me.

Thank You,

Dr. Serrano

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