Thursday, October 14, 2010

Random Toothpaste Info

(From comments from a site, I don't remember where I got these comments)

Plus brushing your teeth with regular toothpaste that contains glycerin is supposed to prevent the re-nameling of teeth.

------- This reminds me- In addition to my comment above about not brushing since 1969 and still having all my teeth, I have also regularly rinsed my mouth and gargled with **Hydrogen Peroxide** every few weeks.
I have ZERO mouth infection problems, nor do I have "bad breath".
In fact, I keep Hydrogen Peroxide in a Windex spray bottle and use it for personal hygiene too.
Hydrogen Peroxide probably has the same anti-bacterial qualities as the "nanosilver" stuff being recommended below.
But lots, LOTS cheaper.
In the last year I have switched from toothpaste to glycerine-free organic soap.  I take cell salts (Bioplasma) to help remineralize my teeth, and make sure to rinse my mouth with water after ever meal. My natural dentist has seen great improvement in my overall dental health.  Very easy! -----
When following my dentist's advice (and the ADAs) was resulting in cavaties, broken teeth and bleeding gums, I, 12 years ago, quit listening to "experts" and started following grandma's age old advice.
I brush with a combination of baking soda and finely ground salt, followed by a hydrogen peroxide rinse.
Result?  I nearly never floss, my teeth are white and strong with NO sensitivity and in 12 years the ONLY problems I have had are from my childhood fillings breaking and taking my teeth with them.  The last one was a couple months ago and the dentist didn't have to numb be to fix my tooth.
If not for finding the truth, I believe I would have dentures just like my father and mother.  ----
After more than 20 years of chronic gum disease, I started brushing my teeth with Neem toothpaste. It was totally amazing how fast my gums healed. Within a week all the bleeding was gone and the pockets were closing up. I've been using it about 2 years now and my gums are still in great shape. It can't undo the damage caused by years of gum disease, but it sure does stop the gum disease in it's tracks! The cost is about double that of ordinary toothpaste, but I'm saving thousands in dental bills.

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