Saturday, March 20, 2010

Beeswax Candles

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Beeswax is a sweet, simple renewable fuel that burns long and bright. It is non-toxic and hypo allergenic. Beeswax has the highest melting point of any other candle wax and thus provides ridiculously long burn times.

Beeswax Emits Negative Ions!
Yes it's true and finally there is a scientific study to back up the hype! For years alternative health practitioners, entomologists and most notably beeswax candle makers have celebrated the fact that beeswax is the only candle fuel that emits negative ions which in turn cleanse the air. In a study performed by a Japanese laboratory comparing the negative ion emissions of a paraffin candle versus a beeswax candle the paraffin candle did indeed emit negative ions but did so at a significantly lower rate than the beeswax candle. So while beeswax is not the only fuel to emit negative ions it is definitely superior to paraffin and does not contain the carcinogenic compounds that paraffin does.

How do negative ions work?
Airborne contaminates like dust, mold and odors are held aloft by positively charged ions. Negative ions are drawn toward positive ions, latch on and the now weighted contaminates fall to the ground. A rainstorm is an example of a negative ionic event and that is why the air smells so fresh and clean after a rainstorm.

Types of Beeswax
The 100% pure beeswax candle market is dominated by two general types of beeswax; highly filtered beeswax and unrefined beeswax.

Highly Filtered Beeswax
Highly filtered beeswax has been cleaned of impurities (honey and pollen) using an intensive filtration system. The end product is a fantastic candle fuel but unfortunately it lacks the sweet honey fragrance found in raw beeswax. Many manufacturers and sellers of filtered beeswax candles talk about the “subtle” honey scent but really the proper description would be “barely recognizable” honey scent. Filtered beeswax can be white or yellow.

Unrefined Beeswax
Unrefined beeswax is no doubt a magical substance. It varies in appearance as radically as did the flowers from which the bees took pollen. The color ranges from a dull brown to an almost translucent bright yellow and the honey scent, while always present can also be very different from wax to wax. One thing is sure, what makes for fragrant raw beeswax also causes problems in burning. These impurities tend to clog the wick, weaken the flame and cause tunneling. The larger the diameter of candle, the more problems you will encounter. 7/8" Tapers are a great candle to use raw beeswax with; 3" pillars are more troublesome. The very lightest yellow raw waxes are certainly better than their darker counterparts but they too require a much larger, more robust wick to carry the particulate load. This can lead to excessive smoking.

New! Lightly Filtered Beeswax
At Bluecorn we have created the best of both worlds by using lightly filtered beeswax that burns cleanly and easily and retains the quintessential sweetness of the unrefined wax.

Honeycomb Beeswax
Honeycomb candles are rolled from a solid sheet of filtered beeswax that has been imprinted with the honeycomb pattern. The finished product is a very lightweight candle that burns much more quickly than a solid beeswax candle.

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