Thursday, January 10, 2008


Someone posted this on a CureZone thread about Thyroid. The comments on supplements I found interesting and tend to agree with.
Dr. Schulze says that the iodine in kelp is not dangerous due to the fact that it is in a matrix of other minerals and vitamins which don't allow the body to become unbalanced. he believes kelp is an adaptogen, meaning that it revs up a slow thyroid and calms down an overexcited one. I take LOTS of kelp and only feel better for it.
What FF said is true...High quality whole food sources of nutrients, regardless of the content will in most cases not harm you. There may be certain instances where a food may not work well, or even be bad for one person and still be a miracle cure for another. Which emphasizes that we are all unique with unique needs. It is only when we take man made isolates of a supplement that we get all out of whack and have problems. That is why I have eliminated vitamin supplements from my routine. I feel strongly that unless absolutely known to be needed, we are doing more harm than good to ourselves.

That said, I do take herbal teas and tinctures when needed and take whole food "supplements" like chlorella, spirulina and a green drink mix. I do not pay attention to RDA anymore, I feel it is a crock and a half. I focus my diet on mineral rich foods which eliminates all processed foods and virtually eliminates any conventionally grown produce.

Iodized salt is so bad because, through refining the matrix of minerals is extracted to isolate sodium and chloride and then iodine is added... very bad for the human body.

I had a BP of 170/110 a year ago, it is now 120 -130/75 - 90 and it was accomplished with diet and exercise only... no pharmaceuticals. I hope to get it lower by losing and additional 20 – 30
pounds in the next year. The two things I eliminated almost immediately where all refined oils, GMO foods, and table salt . I did this while eating as much unrefined salt as I want, sometimes more than I should. If that does not scream "IT IS THE DIET" nothing will.

As Jack LaLanne says "if man made it, do not eat it".


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